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451 Applicants Called For Interview | Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili ~ Iringa DC


451 Applicants Called For Interview | Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili ~ Iringa DC

Iringa District Council is one of the two districts that established Iringa Region in 1964.

The second district is Njombe, in 1970 the district reduced its area by establishing Mufindi District Council and later in 2006 Kilolo District Council was established.

Iringa District Council borders Mpwapwa District Council (Dodoma Region) to the north, Kilolo District Council to the east, Mufindi District Council to the south, Chunya District Council (Mbeya Region) to on the West and Manyoni District Council on the North West.

Iringa District Council has an area of ​​20,413.98 square kilometers.

Council Headquarters is located in Iringa Municipal Council in Gangilonga area.

In International Identity Iringa District Council is located at latitudes 7.0 ‘and 8.30’ south of the equator and at longitude 34.0 ‘and 37.0’ East Greenwichi.

Council Vision:

To have a society that lives a better and more sustainable life by 2021.

Iringa District Council in the implementation of its strategic plan focuses on the following:

 Diligence & Integrity

 Team spirit

 Customer focus with courtesy

 Accountability

 Continuous learning

 Disaster preparedness

Council Strategies:

 Improving services and reducing HIV transmission in Iringa District Council.

 Implementation of the national strategic plan to fight corruption in Iringa District Council

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 Improving access to and delivery of quality social services in Iringa District Council

 Increase in quality social and infrastructure services in Iringa District Council

 Strengthening Good Governance and Law in Iringa District Council

 Management and participation of stakeholders and communities in the process of planning and implementing development activities in Iringa District Council

 Improving the sustainable management of natural resources and the environment in Iringa District Council

 Improvement of Information and Communication Technology in Iringa District Council

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