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5 Side Effects of Food Abstinence | Athari 5 za Kujinyima Kula

5 Side Effects Of Food Abstinence Food Abstinence 6 TYPES OF FOODS TO AVOID WHEN TAKING MEDICINE 14 Foods That Prevent Wrinkles Mcdonalds Menu Prices in 2022McDonalds Menu Prices in UK 2022

5 Side Effects of Food Abstinence | Athari 5 za Kujinyima Kula

Many people will go for long periods of time without eating while claiming to be on a ‘diet.’

According to Muhimbili National Hospital’s nutrition officer, Johari Matiko, the effects of stopping eating with the goal of reducing the body.

1. Immunity decline

The body’s immunity suffers as it lacks important foods that contain body-building nutrients. When your body’s immunity deteriorates, you are more vulnerable to disease.

2. Fractures of the bones

According to Johari, fasting causes a decrease in calcium minerals in the body, making the subject’s bones brittle and prone to gout.

3. Ulcers in the stomach

Stomach ulcers can develop as a result of the intestine going for an extended period of time without food. To process food, acid is poured into the stomach to create a digestive environment.

4. A cognitive issue

It is said that when you stop eating, your stimulants fail to be equal, causing problem in your brain. 

The brain requires food to function properly; if you go for an extended period of time without eating, the brain fails to function properly.
5. Toilet and stomach issues
You may experience stomach pain as result of not eating on time, as well as other issues such as hard toilet.
What should you do to lose weight safely?

It is recommended that you exercise and reduce the amount of carbohydrates (e.g., ugali, rice, chapati, sugar, and fat) in your daily diet.

On the fruit front, it is advised to avoid fruits high in sugar and instead consume more fibre.


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