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ARDHI Online Application System | Apply Now

ARDHI Online Application System | Apply Now

ARDHI Online Application System | Apply Now

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Ardhi University (ARU)

Ardhi University (ARU) is a public university in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It was established on 28th March 2007, though it has been offering training for more than 60 years in different status.

It is situated on Observation Hill close to the University of 19 Dar es Salaam, in which it was a constituent college from 1996-to 2007, when it was known as the University College of Lands and Architectural Studies—UCLAS.

Prior to being part of the University of Dar es Salaam, Ardhi University was known as Ardhi Institute with a history extending to the mid-1950s


To be a leading center of excellence in knowledge generation and dissemination responsive to the dynamics of the national, regional and global conditions.


To provide innovative and integrated learning, research, and public services that advance sustainable development at the national level and beyond.

Core Values

In order for ARU to achieve its Vision and accomplish its vision it will subscribe to the following values:

Integrity: ensuring that all academic outputs are produced in line with high standards of personal and scholarly conduct enhanced by honesty, transparency, quality control an,d assurance measures;

Creativity: striving to embrace new ideas, technologies and innovative ways of operations in order to contribute towards socio-economic development;

Excellence: ensuring top quality are embedded in training and learning, research and public services;

Equity: ensuring equal opportunities and non-discrimination on the basis of personal, ethnic, religious, class, gender or any other social characteristics;

Teamwork: aiming at working diligently as a team while nurturing one another so as to achieve common organization objectives;


Internationalization: ensuring smooth working with regional and global partners to address issues pertinent to local and international community; and

Professionalism: ensuring culmination of skills, knowledge, competences, quality, altitude and good conduct in all undertakings;



A candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to a first-degree programme of Ardhi University if the candidate has obtained:

A. Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (C. S. E. E.) or equivalent, with passes in FOUR approved subjects, obtained prior to sitting for the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (A. C. S. E. E.) or equivalent AND

B. Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (A. C. S. E. E.), with TWO principal level passes in appropriate subjects, with total points not below 4.0 based on the following grade to point conversion scale:

i) Before 2014 and 2016 onwards: A = 5; B = 4; C = 3; D = 2; E = 1; and S = 0.5) where; A, B, C, D, E are principal passes; S is a Subsidiary pass

ii) For 2014 and 2015: A = 5; B+ = 4; B = 3; C = 2; D = 1; and E = 0.5) where; A, B+, B, C are principal passes; D is a Pass, and E is Subsidiary Pass OR

C. An appropriate equivalent Diploma such as NACTE Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 6) with at least a GPA of 3.0, OR FTC with average of OR any other Diploma of not less than Upper Second Class/B+ OR a Distinction for unclassified Diplomas from recognised institutions and approved by the University Senate

NB: Principal level passes and passes in Religious and General studies are not counted. Applicants from countries which follow an 8–4–4 education system need to complete at least one year of study at a University in their own countries before they can be considered for admission.

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Qualified applicants are required to submit their applications online. Follow application instructions available in the link http://admission.aru.ac.tz/ from the University’s website (http://www.aru.ac.tz).


Tanzanian applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of Tsh.10,000.00/= or USD 5.0 for non-Tanzanians.

Applicants can pay using mobile money services i.e., Mpesa, Tigopesa and Airtelmoney. Information regarding payment modalities are explicitly provided in the instruction on how to apply found in the admission link http://admission.aru.ac.tz/



Amount per year is based on Government rates as provided by High Education Students Loans Board (HESLB)


Ardhi Online Application System | Apply Now

The Ardhi University (ARU) receives and processes applications for admission to various ARU programs using the online application system (OAS).

For degree, certificate, and diploma verification, the Ardhi University online application system is linked to the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) admission system, the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE), and the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA).

ARU Online is an online database system built and maintained by ARU’s IT department to automate the gathering, tabulation, and reporting of applicant information in order to make the college admissions and application process at ARU easier.

The user/applicant must have a computer that is connected to the internet in order to access the online application system and submit an application.

Instructions on how to apply to a variety of ARU programs

A. Before you begin working on your application

1. Make sure your email address and phone number are up to date ( They will be used for issuing feedback on your application status when the admission selection is complete)

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2. Access the Online Application and Admission Portal (admission.aru.ac.tz/) via the ‘Admission’ tab on the official website of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology.

B. Registration

1. Applicants who are new – Click on “New applicant click to register” under the “Online Admission” page. You must create a user account in order to participate (You should Type a User name, A valid email address and a an easy to remember Password then Press a CREATE ACCOUNT Button). “Please check your email to finish the registration procedure,” you’ll be told.

2. Go to your email and click the link in the email you received from the Application Portal to activate the account you created. “Please click the following link to activate this account.” “Your Account is now activated,” you’ll get a notification.

3. You will be forwarded to the Admission Login Page “Sign in to your Account” if you click on a Login Link here. You are going to

NB: Applicants are reminded to register their names as they appear in their O & A level certificates; likewise their index numbers where prompted.

Check out the Ardhi University Prospectus

Ardhi University Online Application/Admission

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