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Bei Za Vifurushi Bima Ya Afya NHIF Health Insurance Package Prices

Gharama za Vifurushi Vya Bima ya Afya NHIF

Bei Za Vifurushi Bima Ya Afya NHIF Health Insurance Package Prices

As per the NHIF regulations, a KIKOA member can add his/ her spouse and 4 legally recognized dependants and contribute Tsh. 76,800 yearly. Membership expires after a year unless renewed.

A private individual can also join the scheme and register dependants as per the guidelines of NHIF and contribute an annual fee of Tsh. 1,501,200.

Ushirika Afya member pays Tsh. 76,800 annually. Although one has an option to add their spouse, parent, and parent of spouse, you will pay an extra Tsh. 76,800 for each person added and Tsh. 50,400 for every child under 18 years.

Students registered under learning institutions will pay Tsh. 50,400 annually up to their graduation year.

Certified Health Facilities Coverage

The Fund undertakes certifications of facilities that are fully registered by the Ministry of Health, Community Development Gender, Elderly and Children to provide services to beneficiaries.

These health facilities are divided into three groups namely Government, Faith-based organizations,s, and Privately owned health facilities.

Currently, the Fund has certified more than 7,900 health facilities with different levels of accreditation to serve the Fund’s beneficiaries.

These categories are:-

  • National Referral,
  • Zonal Referral,
  • Regional Referral,
  • District Hospitals,
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Specialized Clinics,
  • Health Centers,
  • Dispensaries,

NHIF Health insurance Package | Vifurushi Vya Bima NHIF

Through a wide network of accredited health facilities, NHIF Tanzania dedicates itself to provide quality social health insurance to all Tanzanians to access affordable health care services.

The packages launched are;-

  • Najali Afya Premium
  • Wekeza Afya Premium
  • Timiza Afya Premium

The recently launched NHIF Tanzania price list 2019 shows the amount of money you should contribute to NHIF Tanzania for the services. Below is a table that shows the NHIF Tanzania cost payable yearly.


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