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Best CPM Ad Networks For Bloggers To Monetize Blog

Best CPM Ad Networks For Bloggers To Monetize Blog

Best CPM Ad Networks For Bloggers To Monetize Blog

Best CPM Ad Networks For Bloggers To Monetize Blog (2022 Update);- If you have a high-traffic website and you are looking to monetize your website with the Best CPM ad Networks for bloggers?

Today we are going to talk about the CPM Ad Networks 2022 For Bloggers and Advertisers, but right before we do that, I think is good for us to go ahead and take care of some important concepts in order to make sure that we fully understand what’s being said here.

Here, I have a list of the best CPM ad networks that a publisher like you can join & start earning money through these High CPM ads networks.

What exactly are CPM Ads

Cost Per Mile advertisements is the best way to make money online with your blog or website. CPM used to denote the cost of 1,000 ad impressions on your webpage.

Mostly, the CPM Ads Network pays you ranging from $1 to $10 per CMP (1000 impressions). This payment is dependent on many other factors that you have to choose before you select CPM Network.

Find Best CPM Ad Networks 2021

For a quick glance, these are the listed ad networks:

1. PropellerAds

Propeller Ads is a very popular and best CPM ad network among bloggers and publishers. you can try propeller this year 2019.

Propellerads offers all types of ads for all type screens, which makes it a most popular choice for various webmasters, it include multiple payment options make PropellerAds an ideal choice for bloggers.

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Important Points:

Instant Approve

Propellerads follow the Net30 payment policy. same as AdSense (they take up to 30 days to process your payment)

The minimum payout is $100. you can receive payments through Payoneer, Paypal and wire transfer.

Propeller Ads offer real-time reporting (which is something we all love).

They offer an 80:20 ratio & payment is made with Payoneer or by wire transfer.

They offer all popular ad sizes & types.

2. Media.net

Media.net is the best choice for both publishers and advertisers. It is based on contextual Advertising Network which runs by Yahoo! and Bing, high quality and also high paying ads for publishers.

Media.net is one of the best high CPM ad Networks and best alternatives to Google Adsense.

Media.net is mainly targeted to small and large Bloggers who produce quality content.

Important Points:

Content must be in English and unique, original.

Payment is made after 30 days when the minimum payout of $100

You get to enjoy the support from a Personal Account Manager.

Payment methods like PayPal or Wire Transfer are available.

Media.net is compatible with Google AdSense.

3. Adbuff

One of the most popular CPM ad Networks due to its real-time bidding platform. this is the best CPM ad networks for small publishers.

Adbuff also offers CPC & CPM both ads formate, you can use the combination of CPM + CPC to increase your revenue further.

If you are looking for high-quality ads from a CPM-based ad network, then you should try AdBuff.

Important Points:

You need to have a quality site with 2000 unique visitors per day.

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Minimum payout is $100 & the payment modes include PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, and wire transfer.

They provide a mobile app to monitoring and check how much revenue you are generating.

4. Conversant Media

This is the most popular name in the advertising industry. Conversant media offer to monetization their websites, and also mobile apps. they are one of the more reliable CPM ad networks.

Important Points:

Ads are compatible with Google Adsense.

Minimum 3,000 impressions per month for your site to be accept.

Conversant Minimum Payout is $25.

Different kinds of ads size are available like 120×600, 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 468×60, 180×150, InVue, pop-unders, half-page, flexible banner, interstitials, in-text links.

5. Exponential Ad Network

Formerly known as Tribal Fusion, Exponential is one of the oldest CPM ad networks.

Exponential ad network offers high-impact ads such as Rising Star ad formats and pre-roll ads with 55% of revenue going to their publishers.

Important Points:

Offers high CPM & CPA rates

Minimum 5000 unique daily visitors also 500,000 views are required.

The minimum payout is $50, and the payment policy is Net45.

Few more CPM advertising networks that you can try in 2022

I have not tried these, but based on reviews from reliable publishers, I suspect they’re worth trying:

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