What is globalization?

Globalization: refers to the situation of increasing of world interconnection and interdependence of various aspects of life which include social, political, technological and economical aspects.

However globalization it has made the world be as a single village because of increase in networking system among the global aspects of life. Normally globalization has integrated the different aspects of the world into a global village.

It involves integration of economy, politics, culture, science and technology among nations. The process of globalization is largely facilitate

Driving Forces Of Globalization (Impetuses Of Globalization) Phases In The Development Of Gobalization Effect Of Globalization In Tanzania Driving Forces Of Globalization Globalization

Impact of globalization in Tanzania can either be political, economy,social or cultural.

Globalization has positive and negative effects which can be analyzed economically, politically and socially as follow:-



1. Integration of all cultural practices in the world

Globalization has managed to integrate all culture practices in the world through the development of information and communication technology like internet, Fax machines, satellites and cable TV E.g. Those culture practices are such as sports and games, music, etc.

2. Decline of bad cultural practices

Globalization has revealed out some bad culture practices which have been performed by some communities. For example, Female Genital mutilation is globally condemned with great emphasis.

3. Expansion of religions in the world

The expansion of the great world religious institutions particularly in Africa and Asia has transformed the social-cultural value of these countries into modern and acceptable ones.

For example, the spread of churches and mosques in Tanzania has increased the work of fighting against bad cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriages, harassment of women.

4. Expansion of cultural practices

Globalization create new and modern way of promoting and protecting national culture for the benefits of the future society, especially through the use of mass media like Television channels.


1. Cultural interference

Globalization has swept away cultural boundaries which existed. This is done by the use of advanced information and communication technology such as Televisions, radio, internets and magazines. This has made most Tanzanians to be influenced by western ways of life.

2. Increase in moral decay

Cultural-globalization have been responsible for violence, prostitution and other related behavior which increase as one more integrated into globalization.

3. Devaluation of local languages

Africa native languages including Kiswahili have been undermined by English language. English has become a globalized language such that it is conceived by many Tanzanians that speaking English is a sign of civilization. By so doing, local languages including Kiswahili are being abandoned or left to be used by less educated people.

4. Loss of originality

Some effects of globalization may be experienced in the assessment of pre-existing Africa traditional songs and ceremonies which are being replaced by western styles and contents like kitchen parties (for women) and beauty pageants.

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1. It promotes proper uses of natural resources

Through trade liberation and free market economy globalization has stimulated much utilization of natural resources. There are many companies which invest natural resources.

For example, mining companies in Mwadui, Bulyanhulu, Geita, Nzega, etc enable Tanzania to utilize her resources for development of her people.

2. Increase in production in different sectors

Globalization has made production and transportation of goods easier and faster than ever before. It enables Tanzania to get different to get different goods from any corner of the world.

For example, getting goods such as computers, mobile phones, food stuffs, medicines, automobile, chemicals, and so on.

3. It generate employment opportunities

Globalization creates employment opportunities for many people. For example, telecommunication has contributed significantly to the employment creation of both direct and indirect jobs.

The indirect jobs include Tanzanians selling cell-phone, airtime, cell phone battery charging services, providing call services, money transfer, ect while direct jobs include different people employed to provide services in telecommunication companies like Vodacom, TTCL Mobile, Airtel, Zantel Mobile, Sasatel, Tigo.

4. Development of trade

Due to free trade Globalization has made production and transportation of goods easier and faster than ever before. There fore this improves trade sectors.

5. It increased national income

Through privatization of public sectors by government the national income has increased through taxes paid by external investors.

6. Improvement of quality of goods and services

This is possible due to the competition created by the foreign investors who use new technology in production.

7. Improvement of infrastructures

Globalization leads to development of sector of transport and communication. E.g the use of electric train, modern cars, etc.

8. It contribute to urbanization.


1. Decline of local industries

For developing countries like Tanzania, free trade causes the decline and underdevelopment of industrial sectors and local technology.

Decline of industrial sector and local technology is due to influx of goods from outside whose are low yet with higher quality than local googs.

2. Intensive exploitation of natural resources from the poor countries

Presence of multinational companies in Tanzania if not well controlled may acquire super profit through exploiting citizens thus leaving them poor.

3. It creates unemployment

Globalization sometimes creates unemployment. With growth of technology, machines greatly replace human labour. Therefore, unemployment sometime increases.

For example, the introduction of electronic devices like computer technology and its programmes have led to eviction of many Tanzanians from their jobs.

4. Increase in under development

Though privatization and capital mobility, Northern countries (Europe, North America) undermine Southern Countries (Africa, Asia, South Amerca) through unequal exchange.

Most of the potential natural resources in developing countries are owned by companies from developed countries. Thus undermining local communities.

5. Decline of local technology

Due to importation of many external goods from the outsiders.

6. Importation of fake goods to the developing countries

This is impact of free trade and democratization.

7. Increase in dependent economy

Due to high debts from the developed  countries imposed under very high conditions.

8. Decline of local currencies in the less developed countries.

9. Increase of debt crisis in the less developed countries.

Transfer Of Technology 


I. Positive Effects

1. Changes in the content of domestic law

For example, Tanzania makes laws which comply with international laws and therefore she abides by them in such a way that she can no longer mistreat her citizens the way she wishes.

2. Integration of Tanzania into global politics

Under globalization Tanzania is integrated into world political systems through international agencies and organization.

3. Formation of strong political organization

Globalization has made it necessary for poor countries to form strong political organization as a way of minimizing negative impact of Globalization. Formation of way of minimizing negative impact of Globalization. Formation of Africa Union (AU), EAC, ECT.

4. Increase in democratic practices

Globalization has speeded up the democratization process in Tanzania. Tanzania is adopting global democratic principles such of rule of law, transparency, and accountability and is trying to implement these aspects as a way of promoting democracy.

5. Increase in promotion and protection of human rights.

6. It brought political awareness to people. Due to information flow and increase.

7. Increase in international relations among countries.


1. Centralization of political power to the developed countries

There has been centralization of political power. This situation reduces political sovereignty of poor countries like Tanzania.

2. Increase of terrorist attacks

Tanzania has been affected by global political disorders and terrorism Bombing of USA embassy in Dar es salaam due to the conflict which involved USA and AL- Qaeda terrorists who are against USA imperialism.

3. Undermining effort of poor countries to form strong political organization

Globalization is pushing down effort by poor countries to form strong political organization such as Africa Union (AU) and East Africa Community. (EAC.

4. It contribute to political instability

In some cases globalization with its related political propandas such as multipartism, transparency, accountability, rule of law and others creat chaos in the country. Some politicians manipulate these agendas and lead to insecurity in the county.

5. Emergence of puppet leaders.

Importance Of Technology



1. Improvement of social services

Through liberalization of social services there is a wide spread of private schools, hospitals and dispensaries which provide servide services to people and hence improving their well-being.

2. It can promote national culture

Through development of information and communication technology like internet, fax machines, satellites to integrates cultural issues in globalize way e.g new advertisements of tourist attraction.

3. Eradication of bad cultural practice

Globalization has removed out some bad cultural practices which practiced by some communities. For instance, the female genital mutilation which is now globally condemned is emphasis bydifferent international agencies.

4. It leads to expansion of the great world religions

many  countries particularly in Africa and Asia has transformed their socio-cultural values into modern and acceptable ones. in Tanzania for example, the spread of Christianity and Islam the spread of Christianity and Islam almost in every part of the country, has played a significant role in the people.

5. It improves living standards

Due to the use modern equipment’s like refrigerators, cars, and electronic devices has improved living standard of the people.

7. Improvement of health  of  the  people

Now days there is more innovation  of modern medicine that cure various disease like ARVs.


1. Environmental degradation

Advancement in technology causes environment degradation. Technological advancement in mining sector, agriculture, fishing, transport systems and industrial sectors threatens environmental quality of Tanzania.

2. Cultural interference

Globalization has swept away cultural Boundaries which existed before by the use ofa dvanced information and communication technology such as TVs, radio, internet, newspaper etc.

3. It increase the rate of moral decay

Cultural globalization have been responsible for increase of immoral behaviour such as, prostitution, drug abuse, homo sexuality and other related behaviors.

4. Increase in social evils such Robbery, theft, etc.

5. Source of massive rural to urban rural-migration.

6. Poor student performances. Due to wastage of time to unreasonable issues. E.g playing game, Ps, puutables.

7. Increase in number of beggars.


1. It helps students on distance learning.

2. It helps students and teachers to share knowledge, skills and materials.

3. It provides wide rage of teaching and learning materials.

4. It helps to simplify the processes of teaching and learning materials. E.g the use of projectors.

5. It helps teachers and student to find different learning material written by different scholars.

6. It helps students to take and complete their assaigments on time.

7. It has increased teaching and learning contents. Example: science and technology.

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1. It helps to solve environmental problems such pollution. e.g through recycling.

2. It helps on environmental conservation: through providing modern method of environmental conservation like the use of organic farming.

3. It provides alternative source of energy. E.g the use of biogas.


1. It leads to environmental pollution

Globalization has increased pollution due to constant emission of toxic gases from heavy industries. For example, there has been air pollution due heavy smoke from industries which has subsequent impact on human life and other living organism.

Globalization may leads to environmental pollution due to the constant emission of toxic gases from heavy industries from the developed countries

2. It leads to increase in  greenhouse  gases

Greenhouse  effect  refers  to  the process of trapping of gases and heat at the atmosphere and in layer around the earth. This problem results from the on-going globalization.

The major source of greenhouse effects is gases like chlorofluorocarbons 9CFCs) produced much by refrigerators, chlorine, nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) through various sources that emitted  gases  toward  the  atmosphere  like  cars,  industries  has  led   to   the   increase of Green  house  gases  in  the  atmosphere  e.g  Methane,  Carbon  dioxide, and so on.

3. It impose over exploitation of natural resources

Due to advancement in science and technology has led to serious exploitation environmental resource such land, water, and forest resources, especially to the third world countries.

4. Increase of deforestation

Globalization has increased deforestation due to permanent clearing of forests for mining activities, construction of road, railway, dams, industries and establishment of settlement areas.

5. Global warming

Globalization has increased global warming due to gradual increase of temperature regime on the earth at a global level caused by emission of gases produced by heavy industries, cars. And moving ships.

These gases prevent the escaping of heat from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere .due to gradual increase on temperature caused by emission of gases from industries and automobiles. These gases prevent the escape of heat from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere.

6. Loss of biodiversity

Globalization resulted in to disappearance of plant and animal species due to over exploitation of environmental resources.


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