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ESS Utumishi Log in And Sign Up

PEPMIS (ESS UATUMISHI) – How to Attach and Submit Documents PEPMIS ESS Utumishi Log In And Sign Up ESS Utumishi Login And Sign Up ESS Employee Self Service Sign Up And Log In ess.utumishi.go.tz

ESS Utumishi Log in And Sign Up

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Watumishi Portal Registration Requirements

1. Check Number E.g. 112568356

2. National ID Number / NIDA Number Eg. 197203063471000002278

3. Email Address i.e. Email address that registered on Watumishi systems E.g. [email protected] 

4. Confirm your email then Submit by clicking Sign Up

ESS Watumishi Portal Log in Steps

1. Visit Watumishi portal which accessed through https://ess.utumishi.go.tz/

2. Enter Your Username which is your check number that used while registering

3. Enter your password that sent to your email (It contains numbers and alphabets to the received email)

4. Change your Password

i. Enter Old Password the one sent your email address

ii. Enter Your New Password the one that you won’t forget

NB: Your Strong Password Mus Contain

1. Upper case letter E.g D

2. Numbers E.g. 3, 20, 2000

3. Characters Eg. @, #, !, $, &

4. Lower case letters E.g. e

5. Not Less than Eight (8) Characters

Example of Complete Password: Dukarahisi@2024

ESS Utumishi Log in And Sign Up

To Create ESS Watumishi Account


To Log In to ESS Watumishi Account 


Create Task And Subtasks


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