Feza Zanzibar School Fee Structure

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Feza Nursery And Daycare School Fee Structure

Feza Zanzibar School Fee Structure

Feza Zanzibar has expanded to include primary, secondary and high school levels. The first batch of Form IV students graduated in 2015 and paved the way for our first high school class, which commenced in 2016.

Established in February 2005, Feza Zanzibar is situated on a shared premises and comprises Nursery, Primary, Secondary, and High schools, creating a comprehensive and integrated learning environment.

Our growth and success are a testament to the dedication of our staff, the support of our students and parents, and the collective commitment to providing quality education.

At Feza Zanzibar, we continue to strive for excellence and look forward to empowering more students with knowledge, skills, and values that will serve them well in their academic and personal endeavors.


Our school campus boasts an impressive capacity of 32 classes, providing ample space for our students to learn and grow. Alongside our classrooms, we are proud to have well-equipped laboratories for science and computer subjects, allowing our students to engage in hands-on learning and explore their scientific curiosities.

Furthermore, our campus includes a spacious garden, which serves as a hub for various sports activities. We believe in the significance of physical well-being, and our sports facilities enable our students to participate in different branches of sports, promoting both physical and psychological health.

At our school, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals, and our campus provides the ideal environment for academic excellence, scientific exploration, and physical development.

By offering comprehensive facilities and opportunities, we strive to empower our students to become healthy, confident, and successful individuals, prepared to tackle the challenges of the world with determination and vigor

Feza Schools Quality Objective

Guided by our mission and vision, we are dedicated to achieving our objectives through the delivery of exceptional educational services aimed at the holistic improvement of our students

1. Better education

2. Parental care with a homely touch

3. Good morals and academic excellence –

4 . Latest technology for teaching and learning –

5. National and international exposure

6. Conducive teaching and learning environment

7. Diverse indoor and outdoor activities

8. Well-equipped sports facilities

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide better education that can bring up Creative minds and well-mannered citizens with life-long passion for learning, a strong sense of moral responsibility and a welcoming of diversity.

Vision Statement

To rise a new generation equipped with a quality education, leadership skills, National pride, innovation, Creativity, discipline, Character, Values and dignity.

We hope to raise students who are exemplary citizens, ones who are able to think critically in any given environment and bring about a positive impact to the community.

Teaching them to become individuals who understand and respect the diverse cultures and people in their community but not lose sight of their education and culture in the way of living, behaving, respect, manners and taking responsibility with acts of kindness and generosity befitting their background education.

At Feza Schools, we firmly believe in imparting not only academic excellence but also inculcating values that shape our students into upright and distinguished citizens among their peers and in the community.

Feza Zanzibar School Fee Structure

Feza Nursery And Daycare School Fee Structure

Feza Schools Core Values

1. Good morals and integrity

2. Resilience

3. Generosity

4. Creativity and innovation

5. Nurturing environment

Feza Zanzibar School Fee Structure


1. Admission fee to be paid only once and is non refundable.

2. The fees do not include, boarding fees, lunch, uniform nor stationary.

For further information, please contact the respective school of choice.

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