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General Grammar Questions

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General Grammar Questions

These are random English Grammar questions. They are not specific. They are general questions which aim at testing one’s ability in various aspects of English grammar.

In the following items (1-50), choose the most correct answer from the given alternatives:

[1] Which sentence is the most correct:

A. Corruption is the major factor for underdevelopment

B. The corruption factor is major for underdevelopment.

[2] Choose the correct sentence.

A. The failed students had an ashamed feeling.

B. The failed students felt ashamed.

[3] All ____________ should apply.

A. interested in the job applicants

B. applicants interested in the job

[4] These are ___________ for climbing mountains.

A. the shoes suitable

B. the suitable shoe

C. Both

[5] There is a _____________ table in the kitchen.

A. small wooden

B. wooden small

[6] She is the ______________ lady in the city.

A. famous beautiful

B. beautiful famous

[7] There is ___________ in this essay.


A. nothing original

B. original nothing

[8] The cows roamed _______ in the maize farms.

A. free

B. freely

[9] Some scientific laboratories are ________ toxic.

A. highly

B. high

[10] One famous musician lives ________ to my house.

A. closely

B. close

[11] There’s___________ about this issue.

A. unrevealed something

B. something unrevealed

[12] Each visitor should receive __________ treatment.

A. alike

B. similar

[13] The ____________ passengers should be informed.

A. delaying

B. delayed

[14] The ___________ is unwelcome.

A. state of affairs present

B. present state of affairs

[15] Which sentence is the most correct?

A. The street has a local police station.

B. The street’s police station is local.

C. Both

[16] Choose the correct sentence:

A. That madness was total.

B. That was a total madness.

[17] He draws _______________ cartoons.

A. political spectacular

B. spectacular political

[18] ___________ cannot agree with that.

A. Sensitive anyone

B. Anyone sensitive

[19] He is a _____________ actor.

A. known well modern

B. well known modern

[20] There’s a party in the ___________.

A. apartment opposite.

B. opposite apartment.

[21] Choose the correct sentence:

A. They have very alike children.

B. Their children are very alike.

[22] Choose the correct sentence:

A. Your dinner is ready.

B. You have an already dinner.

[23] He drove a ____________ truck.

A. loaded heavily

B. heavily loaded

[24] Choose the correct sentence:

A. Those are afraid people.

B. Those people are afraid.

C. Both

[25] We got into the show for _____!

A. freely

B. free

[26] Choose the correct sentence:

A. She is just a newcomer.

B. That newcomer is just.

[27] We walked _______ into the forest.

A. deep

B. deeply

[28] Turn _______ at the end of this street.

A. rightly

B. right

[29] She lifted her baby ________ above the sky.

A. high

B. highly


[30] The bus arrived _______ due to bad roads.

A. lately

B. late

[31] We’ll always remember this spacial day _________ we live.

A. because

B. for

C. as long as

[32] Tanzania is the ________ of the five East African countries.

A. larger

B. largely

C. largest

[33] You can be a member of our group _________ you don’t break the rules.

A. if only

B. unless

C. as long as

[34] We waited __________, but the rescue team didn’t come.

A. for long time

B. a long time

C. for a long time

[35] The news on TV ______ bad.

A. were

B. was

[36] We arrived _____ Nairobi at 4pm.

A. into

B. in

C. at

[37] I’m Zari Hassan from Radio DSM FM. Here _____ the news.

A. is

B. are

[38] His illness is getting ___________.

A. worse

B. more worse

C. worst

[39] The bus was so dusty. It arrived _____ the village half an hour late.

A. by

B. at

C. in

[40] Some children are _________ than others.

A. politer

B. most polite

C. more polite

[41] Uncle will visit us in a ___________ time.

A. monthly

B. month’s

C. month

[42] When I got in, he was standing behind a _________ door.

A. shut

B. closed

[43] Kayumba is poor. ______________, he is generous.

A. by the way


B. in this case

C. on the other hand

[44] Please, I’m asking _____ advice on this matter.

A. by

B. for

C. of

[45] We had a ______________ to Ngorongoro Crater last month.

A. a study transport

B. a study tour

C. a study travel

[46] “Do you like blue or green?” “________ colour will do.”

A. either

B. all

C. any

[47] The guest of honour was dressed ______ shining black suit.

A. on

B. in

C. by

[48] Which one is correct?

A. who do phoned?

B. who did phone?

C. who phoned?

[49] My friend is very good ________ French Language.

A. at

B. in

C. with

[50] The firefighters had to put _____ the fire fighting outfits before the job.

A. out

B. on

C. off

Check the Answers for 1-50 General Grammar Questions Here. 



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