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General Sentence Structure Questions

General Grammar Exercise

General Sentence Structure Questions

These General Sentence Structure Grammar questions focus on the sentence structures like subject, predicate, simple to complex sentences, clauses as well as other English sentence structures.

In the following items (1-50), choose the most correct answer from the given alternatives:

[1] A sentence consists of ____________

A. subject and predicate

B. subject and a noun

C. subject and a pronoun

[2] ________ express a complete thought.

A. Independent clauses

B. Dependent clauses

C. Subordinate clauses

[3] ________ contains a subordinator.

A. Independent clause

B. Dependent clause

C. Main clause

[4] A subject can be a.

A. verb or adverb

B. noun or pronoun

C. Conjunction or adjective

[5] Traditionally, a subject is followed by ______

A. an adverb phrase

B. a verb

C. an adjective

[6] A __________ expresses the subject’s action or state of being

A. predicate

B. phrase

C. verb

[7] A _________ is a person, place, thing, or an abstract idea.

A. Preposition

B. Noun

C. Adverb

[8] ___________ are words that are used in the places of nouns.

A. Adjectives

B. Pronouns

C. Possessive pronouns

[9] _________ is a kind of sentence that can be as short as one word:

A. Simple sentence

B. Compound sentence

C. Complex sentence

[10] ________ contains only one independent clause.

A. Simple sentence

B. Independent sentence

C. Dependent clause

[11] The most natural sentence structure is the_____________

A. Subordinate sentence

B. Independent sentence

A. Simple sentence

[12] ‘Ice melts’ is an example of ___________

A. Compound sentence

B. Simple sentence

C. Complex sentence

[13] ______ many simple sentences can make your English look childish.

A. Too

B. Very

B. Much

[14] The country has _____ finest army in the continent.

A. an

B. the

C. a

[15] She _____ as quickly as leopard

A. run

B. runs

[16] A ___________ consists of two or more independent clauses/simple sentences joined by coordinating conjunctions.

A. Simple sentence

B. Compound sentence

C. Complex sentence

[17] This is my country________ it’s beautiful.

A. but

B. and

C. or

[18] Africa is the beautiful continent_______ it has many poor people.

A. or

B. and

C. but

[19] I love her ______ she hates me.

A. yet

B. but

C. for

[20] They are my friends _____  beautiful couples.

A. or

B. and

C. for

[21] She is _____ short as her mother.

A. like

B. as

C. likely

[22] A compound sentence consists ______ two or more simple sentences.

A. by

B. for

C. of

[23] Compound sentences are joined ______ coordinating conjunctions.

A. with

B. by

C. of

[24] The following are coordinating conjunctions except;

A. but

B. and

C. thus

D. so

[25] We played volleyball, and we took a shower  ___________.

A. ever since

B. after

C. afterwards

[26] Can you sing your song _______?

A. already

B. too

C. again

[27] Some children are clever, and they are _________ intelligent.

A. again

B. also

C. thus

[28] They ____________ send their children to school.

A. any longer

B. not any longer

C. no longer

[29] __________ the delegates have attended, the meeting should start now.

A. So as

B. So that

C. As long as

[30] I like to sit ___________ my father.

A. beside

B. besides

C. bedside

[31] We can enjoy being here. ________ , it’s getting dark.

A. Beside

B. Besides

C. For

[32] My grandmother takes care of us. ___________, she is a wise old woman.

A. Moreover

B. Further

C. Furthermore

[33] Her presentation was disorganized. __________, it had a lot of grammatical errors.

A. However

B. More than that

C. For that

[34] The President will _______ be at Uhuru Square.

A. soon after

B. soon

C. sooner

[35] They stopped working ___________ the accident happened.

A. as soon as

B. as though

C. as well as

[36] They will be here _________.

A. sooner

B. soon

C. sooner than

[37] Jane is a very talkative girl. Once she starts talking, she can’t stop _____ she’s done.

A. yet

B. until

C. since

[38] Jane is cooking ________ she is reading a novel.

A. and so

B. when

C. while

[39] They used to play good football, but good players have gone and they’ve dropped ____________.

A. since now

B. since then

C. since that

[40] ___________ is a kind of sentence that cannot stand alone and be meaningful.

A. Compound sentence

B. Complex sentence

C. Dependent sentence

[41] The whole audience enjoyed the music show; ___________, Michael did not.

A. moreover

B. however

C. unless

[42] We still enjoyed the game __________ the rain.

A. although

B. even though

C. despite

[43] They _________ wanted to play despite the rain.

A. instead

B. again

C. still

[44] He passed exams _________ having short time for preparation.

A. inspite of

B. despite

C. however

[45] I haven’t spoken to my family _______.

A. still

B. yet

C. until

[46] “Are you ready?”. “__________”

A. No yet.

B. Not yet.

C. Not still.

[47] “I’m Yanga FC fan”. “_____ is my son”

A. And

B. Also

C. So

[48] _________ industrial development, the country is still poor.

A. In spite that

B. In spite of

C. Despite of

[49] ________________ the bad weather, the children played their games.

A. Notwithstanding

B. Although

C. Even though

[50] They played well. ____________ they did not win the game.

A. Although

B. However

C. Notwithstanding

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