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How to Apply Namna ya Kuomba Ajira za Afya Kwenye Mfumo

How to Apply Namna ya Kuomba Ajira za Afya Kwenye Mfumo

How to Apply Namna ya Kuomba Ajira za Afya Kwenye Mfumo

Introduction:Getting Started with System and How to Apply

As for MoHCDGEC announces vacancies for graduates to apply through the website​​ www.moh.go.tz​​ and other media like magazines (Mwananchi) based on the cadres as per employer requirements.

Applicant will then apply through​​ www.ajira.moh.go.tz​​ and fill their information’s as per modules which are Registration, Personal Details, Educational Details, Professional Details, Experiences Details, Documents Details and Application

The Following steps will be followed

1. Log In to the​​ System

The link​​ www.ajira.moh.go.tz​​ will​​ direct to the login page, where you will enter your username and password, then click​​ Login​​ button, after successful login you will be directed to applicant dashboard.


If you are new applicant, click the “Register”​​ link and fill the form below for registration.

2. Creating user​​ account/Registration.

Fill all of the required details and submit to complete your registration, then proceed with other procedures to complete your application.


4. Education​​ Details

This​​ is​​ the​​ module​​ where​​ applicant​​ can​​ enter​​ education​​ details.​​ Education​​ details​​ required​​ here​​ are​​ form​​ four​​ and​​ form​​ six.​​ 

Form​​ four​​ is​​ mandatory​​ details​​ while​​ form​​ six​​ depends​​ whether​​ applicant​​ completed​​ form​​ six​​ or​​ not.​​ If​​ he/she​​ completed​​ form​​ six,​​ then​​ this​​ detail​​ must​​ be​​ filled.

In​​ order​​ to​​ fill​​ these​​ details,​​ click​​ on​​ education​​ details.​​ The​​ form​​ below​​ will​​ open.​​ Then​​ click on​​ Add​​ New​​ button​​ to​​ add​​ education​​ details.

Then, a form below will open in which you suppose to enter first form four education details.

Fill​​ the​​ form​​ then​​ click​​ submit​​ button.​​ After​​ click​​ submit​​ button,​​ a​​ page​​ below​​ will​​ open.​​ Then Click​​ Add New​​ if you want to enter form six education details or click​​ Next Button​​ to proceed​​ with​​ professional​​ details.

Then,​​ a​​ form​​ below​​ will​​ open​​ in​​ which​​ you​​ suppose​​ to​​ enter​​ first​​ form​​ six​​ education​​ details​​ once​​ you have clicked​​ Add​​ New.


5. Professional​​ Details

To add professional details, click on Professional Details then​​ Add New​​ button.

After clicking add new button, a form below will open. Fill the form then click submit button.


Then,​​ a​​ page​​ below​​ will​​ occur.​​ Click​​ on​​ Add​​ New​​ button​​ if​​ you​​ want​​ to​​ add​​ other​​ professional​​ details​​ or​​ Next​​ button​​ to​​ continue​​ with​​ experience​​ details.

To​​ ​​ enter ​​​​ experience​​ ​​ details,​​ ​​ click​​ ​​ on​​ ​​ Experience​​ ​​ Details,​​ ​​ then​​ Add​​ New​​ ​​ if​​ ​​ you​​ ​​ have​​ ​​ any​​ working experience.

But if you don’t have working experience, click on​​ Next​​ button to proceed​​ with​​ document​​ details.

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If​​ you​​ have​​ any​​ experience​​ to​​ add,​​ then​​ click​​ Add​​ New,​​ after​​ clicking​​ add​​ new​​ button,​​ a​​ form​​ below​​ will​​ open.​​ Fill​​ the​​ form​​ then​​ click​​ submit​​ button.

7. Document​​ Details

To​​ add​​ document,​​ click​​ on​​ Document​​ Details​​ then​​ list​​ of​​ required​​ documents​​ will​​ appear,​​ to​​ add​​ new​​ document​​ click​​ on​​ Add​​ New​​ button.​​ Select​​ type​​ of​​ document​​ and​​ document file then​​ submit.

Then this page will open after clicking Add New