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How To Get Content Crawled And Ranked Faster

How To Get Content Crawled And Ranked Faster

How To Get Content Crawled And Ranked Faster 

Want to know what’s slowing it all down?

Of course, you might already be using some of these advanced tactics (nice work, if so), but we’re pretty sure that even then you’ll find at least a few new tactics to try out

We can help you understand how your content gets noticed and crawled by Google so you can create naturally higher-ranking pages, blogs, and more.

Once you understand how Google sees your content, you can quickly determine how to get it live on the SERPs faster.

Real-time log file insights can become your secret ingredient to better content and SEO.

On May 18, I moderated a webinar by Steven Van Vessum, Director of Organic Marketing at ContentKing/Conductor.

He showed how you can easily use log file insights to improve crawling and indexing, leading to higher-ranked content.

How To Get Crawled And Ranked Faster

There’s a good chance that you’re facing these issues, as most companies do:

  • Considerable delays in crawling and indexing.
  • Churning out X number of content pieces a month.
  • Inability to explain search engine behavior.
  • Lack of leverage on data sources.

Take the time to learn these off-page and on-page SEO techniques that we’re going to explore below, and you’ll be in the perfect position to drive increased performance for your site.

1. Make Sure Your Content Has Great Discoverability.

Make life easy for search engines by:

  • Updating your XML sitemaps.
  • Providing relevant internal links.
  • Promoting content successfully.
2. Prevent Roadblocks.

Avoid these roadblocks for search engines that try to crawl your site:

  • Canonical tag issues.
  • Robots directive issues.
  • Robots.txt issues.

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3. Get Relevant And Authoritative Backlinks

To get content crawled, indexed, and ranked fast, find a way to obtain relevant and authoritative backlinks.

This will jumpstart the success of your content.

4. Leverage Log Files.

What are log files?

They are text files containing records of:

  • All the requests a server has received from both humans and crawlers.
  • Your site’s responses to these requests.

They show crawlers’ actual behavior and are essential in understanding how they crawl your site.

Companies need easy access to log file insights for content teams to succeed.

When you have those insights, you can start thinking critically and getting answers to questions like:

  • Has Google crawled these new pages yet?
  • Has Google refreshed the pages you updated?
  • Has Google tried crawling pages while they had issues?
  • How often do your pages get recrawled, on average?

Level Up Your SEO With Log Files

Log files traditionally are:

  • Inefficient and time-consuming.
  • Traditionally stored in silos as excel sheets, which makes insights hard to reach.
  • Often only examined once a year.

Fortunately, there are easier ways to get a hold of these log files than the traditional method.

The answer is in CDN Logs.

What Are CDN Logs?

CDN Logs are databases that are stored on services like CloudFlare’s CDN, which are basically networks across the globe that have copies of sites.

A lot of these CDN sites keep logs.

These logs are updated in real-time and are often available through a plug-and-play connector.

Connecting these log insights to your content inventory allows you to see data such as how often your newly published posts are crawled.

So, instead of sifting through excel sheets of data, you can quickly view log files this way.

Get Content Crawled &Amp; Ranked Faster: 5 Tips From An Seo Expert

How To Get Content Crawled And Ranked Faster

Valuable Insights You Get With CDN Logs

When you use CDN logs to improve crawling and indexing, you’ll be able to get data that helps you answer these questions:

New Page CDN Log Insights
  • How long does it take for search engines to crawl new pages?
  • Can you speed up the time to crawl with improved content promotion or internal linking?
  • Is there a correlation between crawl frequency and internal links?
  • Can you move away from manually parsing raw logs to automatically extracted insights?
Updated Page CDN Log Insights
  • Has Google already picked up your improvements?
  • How soon does Google refresh pages after making updates?
  • Is there increased crawl activity after making changes?
Robots.txt CDN Log Insights
  • Has Google recrawled the new robots.txt directives?
XML Sitemaps CDN Log Insights
  • Has Google recrawled my XML sitemap after it was updated?
5. Leverage Google Search Console.

Once you see the real-time log file insights and notice that the search engines haven’t crawled your newly published pages yet, it’s helpful to check Google Search Console.

This gives Google a nudge.

Make content discovery easy with CDN logs.

Get hold of CDN logs through the biggest four providers.

If you’re using one of them, you’ll be able to get access to these CDN log files and start up-leveling your SEO gam

6. Upgrade Existing Content

It’s easy to jump straight into creating new content as part of your content strategy, but the fact is that most websites have opportunities to improve and upgrade existing content first.  New content takes time to rank and drive associated traffic.

7. Find and Fix Keyword Cannibalization Issues

Most people misunderstand what keyword cannibalization actually is, wrongly referring to it as when two or more pages are optimized for the same keyword. But that’s not really true.

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8. Master Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the most underrated SEO tactics that there is. As SEOs, we’re often all too quick to chase after earning new backlinks before making sure that the ones we already have are working as effectively as possible.

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Earlier this year, Google announced that it was removing double organic listings in search results for sites that rank on the first page and also capture the Featured Snippet.

Featured Snippet

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