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How To Login Into FFARS And Use The System

How To Login Into FFARS And Use The System

How To Login Into FFARS And Use The System

How To Login Into FFARS And Use The System | FFARS Tamisemi | FFARS Tamisemi Live | FFRAS Online Login | Tanzania Facility Financial Accounting and Reporting System (FFARS)|  FFARS website | Log in FFARS | FFARS USER GUIDE GENERAL INFORMATION

How To Login Into Ffars And Use The System

FFARS is an application that allows recording Budget disbursement, and expenditure and generating reports at the Facility level, Council lever, Regional level, and Ministry level.

The application provides an electronic version of the Facility level Facility Financial Accounting and Reporting System. The application serves data collected to Database and it operates on mobile devices with the android application system and also through a web application.

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1. Login Into FFARS

open your browser and type the following address

The following interface will appear

The Dashboard

When the user enters the User name and Password will be directed to the Dashboard and shows the amount of Money received, expendi,ture, and balance for every level of users

2. Users’ levels

1. Supper Admin

Is the first level in which users set the system so as the system to be accessible to another level.

The Super Admin should create other Super Admins, Regional Admins, and admins for various Council so that the Council Admin then create the Facility Admin and Facility Clerk to use the system

To add a new user, click the add button and it shows a space for writing Full Name, Email, and Assign Role. For Super Admin, will show Super admin, Regional Admin, and Council Admin, and for Council Admin, it will show Facility admin and facility clerk as shown below

1. GFS Codes

When it clicked, it shows GFS codes, GFS Code description

When add GFS code button is clicked, it gives you a room to enter a new GFS code and GFS code Description

2. Financial Year

When is clicked, it show Start date, End date, Name, Current Year and edit.

3. To create new Financial Year

4. Fund Source View

5. To Create New Funding Source

Click Add button and fill the required inputs 

6. Manage Users

This part, create users and assigning Role according to their levels.

When Manage Users is clicked, shows the list of Users and Email who use the system as shown below 

2. Regional Level Admin

To view report for all councils of that region.

3. Council Level Admin

Is the one who create facilities(for those which are not pre loaded) and manage users of those Facilities.

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1. Manage Users

When Manage Users is clicked, shows the list of Users and Email who use the system as shown below 

2. Add new users

3. Facility level user

At this level ,system consist of seven menus items, three menu items represent form for colleting Planning and Budgeting, Receivable and Payables and Cash Management, and two menu items represent Reporting functions of the system which are Dashboard which gives a summary of fund received, expenditure and current balance.

The reporting menu provides access to different types of Report for example Cashbook report, general ledger, cashbook entries report etc. the remaining items are related to user access to the system one to allow users to change their password(change password) and the other one to exit the system(logout)

Before the system to be usable, the Super Admin should do the following

(i) Inserting GFS Codes to the system,

(ii) Inserting Financial Year,

(iii) Inserting Funding Source,

(iv) Creating various Council Admin(Manage Users),

(v) Inserting Expenditure Type,

(vi) Inserting Budget,

(vii) Sub budget class.

4. Planning and Budgeting

A plan is a pre-determined set of activities an organization intends to implement during a definite time period based on its policy directions (vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies) and aiming at producing desired outputs in order to address problems or improve existing situations. When is expanded (clicked), it shows, Activities, Revenue Projections and Activity Costing As shown below

1. Activities

When is Clicked, it shows Codes and Description

In order to set for activities, you should make sure that you set Financial Year, Activitity Codes, and Activity Description that describe that nature of that Activities as shown below. To add new Activity, click the add button and gives you a room to enter Code and Activity Description as shown below

2. Revenue Projection

When is clicked, it shows Items present, Amount, Financial Year, GFS Code, Funding Source and Actions as shown below.

How To add New Revenue Projections

In order to create new Revenue, make sure that GFS Code and Funding Source is already pre loaded into the system. click add button, and it will give a room to select GFS Code, Funding source and Amount as shown

3. Activity Costing

It is basically a quantification of the plan into monetary terms. When is clicked, it shows Amount of the given activities, Activities, GFS Code, and Fund Source as shown below

How To and New Activity Costing,

click add button and will appear as follows

5. Payable and Receivable

Payable and Receivable deals with Payment and Receipt in which user of the system can make transactions. When is clicked(expanded),it will show Receipt, Payment and Manage Service Providers as shown below .

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1. Receipts

A receipt is an official acknowledgement of money received by the facility. when a facility want to receive money, must make sure that, the Service Providers, GFS Codes and the Fund Source are being pre loaded by the Super Admin to the system, When is clicked, it shows Receipt#, Date, Amount, Receipt Method and Receipt Status as shown bellow

How To Add New Receipt

Click add button and will appear as follows

View Receipt

2. Payments

The term payment is used to describe an event which can be expressed in monetary terms.


How Add New Payment

In order payment to take place, user of the system must first create Activity is going to take place, Expenditure Type and Service Providers(Payee as Supplier) and Supper Admin must also pre load GFS Code and Fund Sources.

click Add button to fill the required information’s

 After making Payment, the authorised person(Administrator) should confirm the Payment 

When Check Number and confirmation date are entered,will appear as follows.

Then click Preview to preview the Payment Vouchers and will look as follows.

Then Click Confirm in order to confirm payment

3. Manage Service Providers

In this Manual, Service Providers are those who work with Facilities as Customers or Supplier. In order Facility clerk to make either Payment or Receive Money from various sources, must first pre load names of Service Providers.

4. Add New Service Providers

5. Expenditure Types

When is clicked, it shows Differed Revenue expenditure, Capital expenditure and Revenue expenditure as shown below

6. To add New Expenditure Type

Click add button and fill the required information as shown below 

7. Facility Type

In this system, the Facility type is categorized into Academic Facility(Primary School and Secondary School) and Health Facility(Health Center and Dispensary) as shown below

8. Facility

Is a place designed for Academic purpose or Health Purpose. It shows list of available Facilities and their required information’s such as Bank Account, Email, and Phone Number as shown below

9. To add New Facility

Click add button and the required information as shown below

6. Cash management

This part consist of Bank Reconciliation, Journal Voucher and Doubtful entries as shown below.

1. Bank Reconciliation.

A bank reconciliation is the process of matching the balances in an entity’s accounting records for a cash account to the corresponding information on a bank statement. It is normally carried out on a monthly basis with the key objective of identifying the items which are different between the two independent records and then reconciling them.

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There are several reasons why the bank records and records kept in the facility’s cash book could be different. They include:

 Cheque issued and recorded in the cash book but not yet presented to the bank for payment

 Direct bank deposits not yet recorded in the cash book

 Bank charges and interest entered in the bank statement but not entered in the cash book

 Cheque deposited but “referred to drawer” by the bank

 Errors in the cash book and/or the bank statement

To bring these items into account or to balance the two independent records, a reconciliation statement needs to be prepared every month

How To Make Reconciliation

Tick entries that are either reconciled, presented Check or Cash on transit as shown below.

2. Journal Vouchers.

3. Doubtful Entries.

This part describe unknown transactions that either add or less the bank accouut. 

How To create Doubtful Entries

Click add button as shown bellow

7. Change Password

Curently, default Password is secret, user should change Password after first Login and the system will take out in order to confirm the new Password

8. Reports

1. Revenue and Expenditure Fund Source Report

When is clicked ,it will appear space for writing a report requirement as shown bellow

Example of Revenue and Expenditure Fund Source Report

Fund Source Report has two parts, the upper part and the bottom part. The upper part indicates the amount of money received under the GFS code, expenditure and balance of the money received under that GFS code. The bottom part indicate the budget entered under the activity costing, the expenditure of the activity and the balance

2. LGA Funding Source Report

3. GFS Codes Report

4. Cash Book Report

Filtered Cash Book Report

5. General Ledger Report

6. Cash Book Entries Report

7. Creditors Report

8. Income and expenditures Report

9. Bank Reconciliation Report

After adjustment, make confirmation by entering the correct amount that is already balanced as shown below.

After confirmation the monthly report will be as shown bellow.



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