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How to rank on Google Search 2022

Google LLC App on the PlayStore and App Store 10 Tips How To Rank Higher on Google For Organic Traffics How to rank on Google Search 2022 Google Ranking Factors

How to rank on Google Search 2022

How to rank on Google Search 2022;- Are you owning a website or blog but still not ranking on search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and others more.

Do not give up still have the opportunity to rank on google search and get more traffic for growing your business or website.

Thus stay with us on this page we are going to give tips to make your blog appear on google search.

How to rank on Google Search

Google Ranking Factors

The following below are some of the tips that can make your blog or website appear on the google search engine:-

1. Use google search console

This is one of the important things to do so like your blog to get appear on top of google search since it will be crawled and indexed.

Thus if you need to improve in google search you are recommended to use this tool for generating reports ad fix issues will be required to work on them when they send notifications,

2. Unique content

Another important step to take making your website appear on google search list is unique and useful content that will attract people to read your articles. When you have copied content google will ignore your site because it has know value. Thus make sure you develop new ideas that will make your site give priority in ranking.

3. Website speed

However, the way your site speed is higher the more you increase opportunity to rank to in google search engine since it will be crawled fast. Thus you should optimize your website speed by doing some of things mentioned below

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4. Reducing the CSS
  • Use of cache plugins such as Litespeed and other more,
  • Optimize images.
5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another this can make you appear on search engine is to make sure you are doing search engine optimization that can make you blog or site ranking on google search engine. In SEO, there are the following important things to do :-

  • Keyword research
  • Title and link optimization
  • Use of meta tags
  • Image optimization
  • Use of headings
The following is brief explanations about those mentioned above SEO Tips rank on google search
1. Keyword Research;

You must do investigation on the keyword that have more search and low competition on google so as you can use them in writing article and drive more traffics in your site.

There a of free tools you can use to research those keyword, I will mention few of them for you to use. There is ubbersuggest, H-supertools

2. Title and link optimization;

This come after knowing the right keyword that you going to use make sure it included in post title and link structure so as can be crawled easily with google bots.

3. Use meta tags

Must include meta tags in the meta description that use to describe in short what post is all about and make sure you include keyword in the meta description.

4. Image optimization

This is another SEO tip to take care with to rank on google search where you have to use alter text in the images that will be use in the post.

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5. Use of Headings

However in writing SEO article must use heading such as H2, H3, H4 in your post and make sure you use your keyword in the heading since can help to define what is article about by indexing bots and make it appear on google search.

The Above are the things when you implement them you will make your blog or website rank on google very easily, but you have to note SEO is not one night process it need time and focus since the more blog old is the higher ranking increase, Thus as I said above do not give up keep still you can rank.

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