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How To Stop Wasting Time On Social Media

How To Stop Wasting Time On Social Media

How To Stop Wasting Time On Social Media

What social media tactics do you employ?

Every time a small business owner discusses marketing with someone, this topic is inevitably up. Having a presence on social media appears to be a given these days. But what does that actually imply for your company, and how can you take advantage of it without wasting time?

After all, you have a company to run. You cannot spend the entire day staring at your phone and updating social media. So let’s go over some often asked questions to assist your company in developing a social media plan.

The problem is, that since the rise of the internet and social media, we are able to “see what we’re missing” 24/7, and our basic FOMO instinct has no checks and balances. FOMO compels us to spend literally hours checking to see what everyone else is doing, and it is now possible to do so all day long.

Internet addiction is a real problem in today’s society, but everyone can benefit from a social media management strategy so they don’t waste time on online when they would really be happier doing something else.

How To Stop Wasting Time On Social Media

Is a social media presence even necessary for your company?

Although it would appear like the answer is unambiguous yes, it truly depends. While most businesses ought to be active on social media, some are more suited to it than others.

Social media should be used by local businesses like boutiques and real estate agents. What about a firm that handles accounting?

That’s a little unclear. If an accounting company dedicates significant resources to social media to establish itself as a thought leader, it could increase its clientele significantly.

However, your efforts could be better directed elsewhere if you’re a CPA targeting local clients. Consider adding a Facebook page and a LinkedIn page because those appear in search results, but avoid spending time posting on TikTok.

Which platforms should you use if the answer is yes?

You probably aren’t familiar with all of the dozens of social media networks that exist. If you consider the major ones, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, SnapChat, and LinkedIn, the number of platforms is still substantial. Some people would also include YouTube and Pinterest on that list.

You need to narrow down the list because it would take a lot of work to post consistently across all platforms. You should concentrate on one or two platforms even if you are present on all of them.

Think about your company’s target market and the most effective content types.

You should probably be on TikTok if your firm caters to youthful consumers. But does video work well for your company?

The same is true for websites that feature images, like Instagram. What in the world would you publish if you were still at that accounting firm? However, the clothes store or realtor can use Instagram to share pictures of the newest clothing arrivals or properties up for sale.

A business-oriented social network like LinkedIn would be a better choice for the accounting firm to concentrate on. Or it might take part in online knowledge communities like Quora or offer business advise in communities for small businesses.

Where should your attention go?

Some businesses use social media in an indiscriminate manner, posting anything comes to mind. Every post is supposed to have some media impact. However, making pointless posts (or worse, ones that might be insulting) might damage rather than enhance your reputation.

Consider what information about your business you would be interested in viewing on social media. Post more than just pitches for your company. Make sure to offer content that your audience would find interesting or useful.

And utilise the chance to promote (share, retweet, etc.) other people’s social media accounts, which could assist you in expanding your own following.

Prioritize consistency and quality above anything else. You don’t want to post a lot one day, then nothing the next.

How can I simplify this?

Even if you only post to a few networks, managing social media may be time-consuming. However, there are resources that make it simpler.

Instead of opening each app or website, social media managers let you post from a single location. Additionally, they enable you to plan posts for later publication and post simultaneously to many social media platforms.

Relate Social is a tool that Dukarahisi.com gives to make managing social media simpler. Post to several networks, obtain stats, and schedule posts.

How can I stop wasting my time on social media?

1. Set aside a specific time

(or times) each day when you are going to go on social media, preferably after you have already completed some of the more important things on your “to do” list. You can even use this time as a reward for having accomplished some of the more unpleasant tasks of the day.

2. Set an alarm

for the times you are on social media. Have something planned for after your social media time that brings you joy. Especially if it’s something that gets you outside—even if it’s just a little thing, like sit in the garden for 5 minutes, or walk around the block.

When I’m in my office and I need a little break, I sneak up to the roof for three minutes to just enjoy the view and take a couple of deep breaths of fresh air. It sounds almost moronic, but I would challenge you to try it just once and see for yourself. The important thing is to have a specific transition that is distinctly different from being on your laptop or phone.

3. If you are browsing your social media in the evening

adjust the screen on your phone or computer to a calming orange-y light. You’ll be surprised at the difference this makes (there’s science to back this up! ) On the iPhone, go to Settings–>Display and Brightness–>Night Shift. You can also use a free app called f.lux that adjusts the screen on your computer. Android users can use an app called Twilight .

 4. Block your computer

 You can install an app that won’t let you go on social media from your computer at certain times of day. One such app for iOS is freedom. A similar app for windows is stay focused . You can check out this article in the Wall Street Journal for more ideas on how to block social media and other distractions.

5. Keep a diary

Keep track of how many minutes you spend on social media. This can be as simple as a large post-it note on your computer. Just being aware of how many minutes you actually spend, versus how many minutes you think you spend, can organically lead you to devote less time to social media, and more time on activities that are personally satisfying in a way that Facebook never is.

How do you gauge success?

Even if you manage social media wisely, it will suck time out of your day. Make sure the time you spend on it is yielding a return on your investment.

Checking your reach is the simplest approach to gauge social media. The amount of followers you have or the reach metrics offered by social media networks can be used to gauge this.

Reaching a large audience is one thing, but you also need to make sure that it benefits your company. Have any of your recent customers discovered you on social media if you run a service-based business? Are customers purchasing anything after visiting your website or real store if you sell goods?


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