NIDA offers three types of IDs, which are a citizen ID, a resident resident ID, and a refugee ID

i. Citizens’ Identity

To get National IDs it is advisable to prepare with the following documents:-

1. Birth certificate

2. Certificates of primary education

3. Passport (Passport)

4. Secondary education certificate (form iv and vi)

5. Driver’s license

6. Health insurance card

7. Social security fund card

8. Voter’s card

9. Taxpayer Number (Tin. No)

10. Zanzibari resident ID

11. Letter from the Chairman of the local government

ii. Resident Guest ID

1. Passport of country of origin

2. Permit to stay in the country to conduct various activities that the applicant does

iii. iii. Refugee ID 

Refugee Status: A document proving that the applicant has the status of a refugee in the country