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Joining Instruction For Rungemba CDTI 2023/2024

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Joining Instruction For Rungemba CDTI 2023/2024

CDTI Rungemba has capacity of enrolling 500 students (this data is reserved in 2014) for diploma course.

Our educational programmes contain key factors to bring community development through the programme of community participatory planning and to facilitate community about utilising internal and external resources.


It contributes to poverty reduction and advocate gender equality, human and child rights, accurate knowledge of health and sanitation and so forth.

We encourage improving gender issues and have organized Woman Information Window (WIW) since 2009 as one of our roles to support up-dated information and enlighten women’s rights and fair conditions.

Our facilities are located in a local area and students study both theoretical and practical knowledge through their life during studies.


The Institute, in performing its functions is guided by the following core values:

1. Team Work: Practice of participatory approach in the conduct of all activities and operation of the institute.

2. Accessibility: Providing our services timely when it is needed basing upon the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity to all clients.

3. Quality: Ensure adherence to system and process that guarantee quality education that meet client needs and expectations

4. Integrity: Adhering to moral and ethical principles outlined in the Public Service code of conduct

5. Professionalism: Providing services and demonstrating the sense of responsibility by using skills, knowledge and expertise in ensuring data services.

Joining Instruction For Rungemba CDTI 2023/2024



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