Julius Nyerere Hydropower Plant And Dam – Tanzania Everything You Need To Know

Julius Nyerere Hydropower Plant And Dam - Tanzania Everything You Need To Know

Julius Nyerere Hydropower Plant And Dam – Tanzania Everything You Need To Know

Julius Nyerere Hydropower Station (Stiegler Gorge Dam), Tanzania to build Stiegler’s Gorge dam in a wildlife reserve, Environmental Impact Assessment for the Stiegler’s Gorge, Development of Tanzania Stigler’s Gorge power generation

Stigler’s Gorge Area

Stiegler’s Gorge is located in the Selous Game Reserve, a World Heritage Site. An estimate for the land inundated by the resulting reservoir behind the dam is 1,200km2 meaning it would be the largest reservoir in East Africa.

Employer: Tanzanian Ministry of Energy

Contractors: JV Arab Contractors Company and Elsewedy Electric

Project location: Stigler’s Gorge Area, the dam is located in the Morogoro area on Rufiji River – Tanzania

Completion Period: 42 months including 6 months mobilization

Project Objectives:

Generating electricity with capacity of 2115MW to satisfy energy needs in Tanzania Control water flow in the period of flooding and thus providing the necessary water requirement

Main items:

-Total excavation is about 4 million m3

-Total aggregate backfilling is about 7.5 million m3

-Total volume of concrete is about 2.6 million m3

-Total weight of reinforced steel is about 64000 ton

Scope of Work:

-Main dam for storage of water to generate hydropower using RCC concrete for main dam with total length 1025m at crest level and 130m dam level

-Construction of 4 saddle dams for reservoir impounding of water with a capacity to impound approximately 33 billion m3 of water

-Construction of a hydropower plant with a capacity of 2115mw and a substation of 400kv; in addition to 400kv transmission lines to the nearest point of the public network The civil works includes the following:

-Permanent access roads connecting the site with the existing roads network and length about 21km

-Temporary access roads that connect all permanent facilities with length of 59km

-Main dam of RCC on Rufiji River Power plant with administration building, control building, workshops and stores

-Connecting power station 400kv including transmission lines 4 variable height and length dams for water impounding of reservoir Diversion tunnel 660m length (15*17m) and 2 cofferdams

-The main spillway is located on the center of the main dam with 7 radial gates and an emergency spillway is located in the first saddle -Permanent concrete bridge on Rufiji River

-Integrated residential complex on an area of 19000m including housing and playground, permanent furnished offices; in addition to temporary residential complex, utilities, lighting, drinking water and water treatment