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LATRA Bus Fares Nauli Mpya za Mabasi Na Daladala Tanzania 2022

5 THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING A CAR Nauli Mpya za Mabasi Na Daladala LATRA Bus Fares Tanzania 2022

LATRA Bus Fares Nauli Mpya za Mabasi Na Daladala Tanzania 2022

The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) is a Government Regulatory Authority established by the Act No. 3 of 2019.

The Act repelled the act of the former regulator, Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA).

LATRA act repeals the   Surface   and   Marine   Transport   Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA)   and for related matters in Mainland Tanzania.

It is set to regulate land transport sectors, these are, Road transport services for goods and passengers (commuter buses, intercity buses, goods carrying vehicles, taxi, motorcycles and tricycles); Railway transport services; and other forms of land transport like Cable transport.

Nauli Mpya za Daladala na Mabasi LATRA 2022,  Buses have become one of the main means of transport in Tanzania to transport passengers from one area to another in and out of the country using road transport.

Read the relevant fare of the region you want Click Download then it will take you to the relevant section and See all Fare according to your needs

Transport is indispensable service and a vital determinant of level of development in any society.

Advancement in transportation reflects changes in the way of living, civilizations and economic development.

In this era, application of advanced technologies revolutionizes various sectors, transport included, LATRA facilitates application of such technologies as a solution to challenges in the transport sector.

This is done through involvement of stakeholders, public and private partners. One of the notable successes is the Vehicle Tracking System (VTS).

The system has been in operation for three years and has demonstrated remarkable results in saving lives and properties. LATRA shall continue to spearhead use of technology to address transportation challenges.

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The following are the new bus fares in Tanzania. These are the bus fares for the year 2022 until another fare is announced by LATRA.


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LATRA Bus Fares Nauli Mpya za Mabasi Na Daladala Tanzania 2022

2. Nauli Mpya za Mabasi May 2022




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