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Mfumo Wa Uhamisho Kwa Watumishi Wa Umma

Mfumo Wa Uhamisho Kwa Watumishi Wa Umma

Mfumo Wa Uhamisho Kwa Watumishi Wa Umma

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania issued a Notice on assignment of Ministerial responsibilities (Instrument) vide Government Notice No.534 of 02nd July, 2021.

In that Instrument, the President created an Office of Public Service Management and Good Governance under the President’s Office which is mandated to formulate and monitor implementation of Policies Administrative, e-Government, Public Service Housing, Archives and Records Management and Human Resources Management.


“A public service that is effective and accountable in achieving national prosperity”


“To manage the public service through improved human resource policies, systems and structure”


1. Patriotism (We perform duties while upholding high level of public interest)

2. Itegrity (We adhere to good governance, transparency, professionalism, accountabilityand team work in discharging duties)

3. Excellence (We strive to achieve the highest standards in implementing roles)

4. Customer focus (We provide quality services to meet customerS expectations)

The Tanzanian President’s Office Public Service Management and Good Governance, which is in charge of transferring public employees in Tanzania, has an online platform called Employee Self Service (ESS).

The platform is utilized to handle the complete process of transferring workstations from one firm to another or from one region to another for various reasons.

In order to be able to send requests to change the station or move you need to register in the system

Before registering make sure you have the following items:

1. Check number

2. National ID

3. Email address

How to register

1. Visit the ess.utumishi.go.tz website using your web browser.

2. Click on the “Register” button on the homepage.

3. Fill in your personal information including

i. Check number

ii. Email address

iii. National ID number.

4. Choose a strong password for your account and confirm your password.

5. Click on the “Register” button to complete the registration process.

6. After registration then Log in by using your username and password received via email, thereafter it will appear a tab for a logged i user to interact.

A succesifull logged in user will seE the following:


7. if it is your first time to log in, you are advised to change Passoword

i. Go to your profile (Right top corner)

ii. Click Change Password

iii. Enter your old password (That you used to log in)

iv. Enter your new password

NB: Password must contain 8 Characters including Number, Letter and Special Character,

v. Comfirm your New Password

vi. Save – to save changes (You will be logged out, so that to log in again using your new password)

NB: In this system there is an Added feature of salary slip, from which you can download your salary slip.


United Republic of Tanzania
President’s Office – Public Service Management and Good Governance
Government City Mtumba, Utumishi street, P.O. BOX 670, DODOMA Tanzania
 026 216 0240
For More Detailed Information Kindly Visit Official UTUMISHI WEBSITE

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