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Mihula Ya Masomo 2023 | Academic Periods 2023


Mihula Ya Masomo 2023 | Academic Periods 2023

1. Education Before Independence

Traditional Education: The History of Education in Mainland Tanzania is divided into two parts which are before and after independence.

Before the arrival of foreigners on the shores of Tanganyika, each tribe had its own traditional education system. Traditional Education was based on the daily routines of various ethnic communities.

The education that included knowledge, skills, values, culture, methods and good procedures to work and protect themselves from the scourges of hunger, diseases and enemies of the security of society and their property was inherited from one generation to another.

Learning material was divided into groups and provided by adults at home, at work and in other areas of life. This system began to have changes in its goals and delivery since the colonists entered the country.

2. Education During the Colonial Period

The first visitors to mainland Tanzania were the Arabs, followed by the Portuguese, Germans and the British.

Since the foreigners took over the power of a part of the country or the whole country, each group changed the education system according to their wishes regardless of what was beneficial to Tanzanians.

Schools of different nations differed in goals, curricula, qualifications and professions of teachers, language of instruction, and the quality of school buildings and teachers’ homes.

When the Arabs entered, they started learning the Quran. This education emphasized the spread of the Islamic religion and Arab culture. German and English rule was preceded by the arrival of Missionaries.

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When they arrived, the Missionaries provided education according to their faith and the history of the country they came from. Missionary education emphasized the spread of the Christian religion.

German rule provided education that emphasized skills, knowledge and vocational training and good citizenship for the German government.

The British education system in Mainland Tanzania was based on racism and provided better opportunities and resources for education to European and Asian children than Africans.

The main goal of education was to find African servants who would be used to defend the wishes of the colonists, thus making the scholars dependent.


Major Responsibilities of the Ministry

1. Formulating and Implementing Policies for Education, Science, Research, Library Services, Science, Technology, Innovation and Technical Training Development;

2. Developing Primary Education by Accrediting Teacher Training and Professional Development of Teachers; identifying talents and developing them;

3. To manage the Development of Studies in Citizen Development Colleges;

4. Managing the National Award System;

5. Classifying the needs of the country in skills and developing them;

6. To set Standards for the Teaching Profession;

7. Manage School Accreditation and Certification;

8. Managing Educational Publications Services;

9. Supporting/strengthening the use of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics;

10. Developing local experts in Science, Technology and Innovation;
research in Science and Technology;

11. Development of natural resources and increasing the productivity of employees under the Ministry; and

12. Coordinating the Activities of Departments, Organizations, Agencies, Programs and Projects under the Ministry.


An educated Tanzanian with the requisite knowledge, skills, ability and positive attitude that add value in National development.

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To put in place and strengthen structures and procedures which will enable a country to get educated and  continuous learning Tanzanians that add value in National development.


Mihula Ya Masomo 2023 | Academic Periods 2023

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  2. Imekaa vema mihula lakini shida nipale ikifika mwezi januari Kuna kalenda ya uborshaji wa ujifunzaji na ufundishaji ,tunarudishana nyuma katika kufikia malengo

    • Iikama ya walimu wadau wa elimu Kuna shule mtaaluma ameshindwa hata namna ya kupanga ratiba ya masomo kwa sababu masomo yamekua mengi mfano mwalimu Ana masomo saba.vipindi 27 kwa siku hii sio njema Wala haijakaa vizuri


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