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Ministry Of Health: Ajira Portal System (ajira.moh.go.tz) Apply Here


Ministry Of Health: Ajira Portal System (ajira.moh.go.tz) Apply Here

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Ajira Portal is an online tool enable human resources for health to apply for vacant positions through the Ministry with the intention of working at different health facilities and institutions under the Ministry of Health and providing different health services.

1. Getting started with the system

The requirements that shall be considered before start using the Ministry of Health – Ajira

Portal system.

1. Requirements to access the system

The following are prerequisites before using the system.

• Basic knowledge of Computer

• Make sure your computer/Laptop or gadgets connected to the Internet

• Make sure you have up to date browsers example; Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer, etc.

• Have a valid email address which you can access

Ministry Of Health: Ajira Portal System (Ajira.moh.go.tz) Apply Here

2. Documents required

You are required to have certified scanned copy of the following documents

I. Birth certificate

II. Form four and/ Form six academic certificates

III. NECTA verification certificate (for those studed form four/six outside Tanzania)

IV. Professional certificates

V. TCU verification certificate (for those ungergone professionsl studies outside Tanzania)

VI. Curriculum vitae (CV)

VII. Current passport size photo

VIII. NIDA number and ID if available

IX. Application Letter

X. Professional licence certificate for licenced practitioners

XI. Professional registration certificate (Full) for licenced practitioners

XII. Internship certificate for those undergone intenship

XIII. Change of name by deed pool if you have different names on your birth certificate, NIDA and your academic and professional certificates.

The deed pool should be registered by Commissioner for oarths and registrar of titles from the Ministry of Lands Housing and Human Settlements Ministry of Health Ajira Portal User Guide

2. Accessing Ministry of Health – Ajira Portal system

To access the system, open browser then enter the url http://ajira.moh.go.tz and you will be redirected to the page/screen shown below.

3. Creating Account

In order to access Ministry of Health – Ajira Portal system user is required to created account by using Username (email) and Password.

Before creating account make sure you have valid email address, active licence number for licenced practitioners

1. On the main home page, click on create account link.

2. Select category Licensed Health Practitioners for those practitioners that supposed to have licence or non licenced practitioners for those practitioners that are not supposed to have licence.

Make sure you select a correct category. If you choose wrong category, you will not be able to proceed with other application process

3. For Licensed practitioners Select your Practitioners Council, Select your cadre, Enter License number Then Click submit Make sure you select the correct Council, cadre and correct license number.

Failure to do so, you will not be able to proceed with the application. After filling this form, the system will verify your registration details from your respective council system and pull your personal details

4. For Non Licensed practitioners you will required to select cadre and then click submit. After submitting you will be requiring to fill your personal details. Make sure you select the correct cadre. Failure to select the correct cadre will not be able to proceed with the application.

5. Enter your First Name, Middle Name and Surname, Select Date of Birth and gender, enter your phone number and email address and Type Verification Code given then click Register Make sure you enter this information correctly especially your email.

Within Ministry of Health Ajira Portal account is created once and will be used in all other vacancies that will be advertised. Make sure you remember your email password

6. After filling the form and click register, you will get the message: “Account Created Successfully, Your Password has been sent to your email.”

7. Then open your email to get the password. Account is created only once. This user name (email) will be used all the time when the Ministry advertise the vacancy.

Make sure you have access to this email because you will be used to reset password all the time if you forget it. You are advised to change this password as it is difficult to remember. Refer the changing password process (Number 12)

4. Login the System

To login the system enter email and password received from your email account then click Login. If you are not able to type the password correctly, try to copy and paste the password.

5. Adding Personal details

1. Click Personal Details

Then Enter your NIDA number then click save. The system will validate your NIDA number make sure you write correct number as written in your ID.

2. Enter other your currently administrative location (Region, Council), Identify if you were employed by the government, Select Marital Status, Postal address and Identify if you have any disabilities. Then Attach your passport size photo. Then click save

6. Adding Academic Qualifications

Select Study country, Identify Study level, Enter your Index Number, Completion year. Then attach certificates and click save. Repeat for all your academic qualification levels. All your academic details will be shown at My academic details.

7. Adding Professional Qualifications

Select Study country, Institution, Academic level, program, completion year. Then attach certificate and click save button. Repeat for all level of studies. All your professional qualification details will be shown at My professional qualification details.