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Africa Top 10 Most visited Tourist Attractions

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Africa Top 10 Most visited Tourist Attractions

Africa'S Top 10 Most Visited Tourist Attractions In 2021

According to Statista, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, as of May 2021, around 1.04 million international tourists visited Africa.

Do you intend to be one of these people soon? The following are Africa’s topmost visited attractions:

1. Lake Retba, Senegal

A beautiful and special lake sits deep within Senegal, about 30 kilometres from the capital city of Dakar. This lake is called Lake Retba and also referred to as ‘Lac Rou’ by the locals. It draws day-tripping tourists from all over the world.

An alkaline body of water, it is one of the few pink-colored lakes in the world. It gets its color from a pigment produced by the bacteria covering it.

Lake Retba is one beautify to behold when the sun casts its rays on it. You just cannot see enough of it, and you might have a hard time stopping yourself from taking pictures.

2. River Nile, Egypt

One of Africa’s most magnificent sights is the river Nile. It is one of the longest river in the world, second only to the Amazon river.

The River Nile brings in vast tourist visits every year. Tourists also use the opportunity to see the John Speke monument, the first explorer to find the source of the Nile while visiting the River Nile.

Spanning across ten countries, the Nile is one of the seven wonders of Africa.

The Nile area is mentioned in a number of myths and legends. No wonder is one of the most visited places by tourists in Africa. The sun’s glare on the river surface is a calming sight.

3. Lekki Conservative Centre, Nigeria

In the heart of one of Nigeria’s most bustling cities, Lagos, away from the usual business of the city, is the Lekki Conservative. It was established in 1990 and has since attracted tourists year after year.

The Lekki Conservative Centre is home to Africa’s longest canopy walk. It has a rating of 4 out of 5 from 552 reviews on trip advisor alone.

From the canopy walk, thrill, and fun moving up and down your body, you can look down at nature. At amazing trees, the chirping of birds warming your eyes.

The people of Lagos, Nigeria, are welcoming people, and the city itself holds a rich heritage.

4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

In the beautiful country of Zimbabwe, deep within a rainforest, Victoria Falls sits in splendor.

In the local tongue of the people who live around it, Victoria falls translates: “Smoke that thunders.”

This seems to be a befitting name for the largest waterfall in the world. Waterfalls from the Zimbabwean Victoria Falls at about 12,800 cubic meters per second, producing the sounds of thunder.

The Victoria Falls area is also home to colorful birds. Note that you may just have to work to stop yourself from taking pictures of this beautiful place! It gets addictive, haha.

5. Table Mountains, South Africa

A beautiful, flat-topped mountain overlooks the South African city of Cape Town. This mountain is a prominent tourist attraction, pulling up to 4.2 million people every year. These people come to do a number of activities:

  • To watch the serenity.
  • To hike
  • To vibe in cars
  • To take rides in the beautiful cable cars.

The table mountain of South Africa is one of the new seven wonders of nature.

It is a safe place to be and is adequately protected. For this reason, many tourists from overseas love to visit there. There are a number of suites and hotels within it. You can have a taste of South Africa’s exquisite meals and a feel of the warmth of South African people.

6. Sahara Dunes, Morocco

Morocco offers one the safest places to view the Sahara desert. A trip to the Sahara Dunes, Morocco, should be on your list if you are seeking to visit Africa’s most beautiful tourist attraction sites.

The Sahara desert, which derives its names from the Arabic noun ṣaḥrāʾ is one of the largest deserts worldwide and is very beautiful. Camels and Nomads are not uncommon sights for visitors. The sand and dunes are aesthetic and look pretty good in pictures.

7. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, is by far the highest mountain in Africa and one of Africa’s magnificent sights. According to the National Geographic, it is the world’s largest free mountain and stands about 5,895 meters (19,340 ft) above sea level.

It’s about 4,900 meters (16,100 ft) above its plateau base. Every year, Kilimanjaro draws thousands of tourists who come to see the talked-about Kilimanjaro.

It is a part of the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania and is often studied by geographers and scientists. Hikers will have a great time at Kilimanjaro! Many people visited East Africa, especially Tanzania because of the mountain.

8. Pyramids of Egypt

These masonry structures are said to be man’s greatest architectural accomplishments. They are the only surviving wonder of the world. The great pyramids date back to the 26th century (c.2575-c. 2465 BCE )

They were erected on a rocky plateau on the western end of the Nile River, close to Al-jizyah(Gizah) in Northern Egypt.

According to National Geography, it estimated 2.5 million blocks of limestone, which are said to weigh 2.5 to 15 tons.

Its sides are oriented exactly to the north, east, south, and west. The pyramids of Egypt offer a fantastic sight to tourists; visiting them proves to be a life-changing experience.

9. Lake Abbe, Ethiopia/Djibouti

Lake Abbe, commonly referred to by the name Lake Abhe Bad, is an alkaline lake that lies within the Ethiopian-Djibouti border. It spans about 15km wide and is 14km long.

It is one of the six lakes connected to each other around this hot area and receives water from the Awash River.

It offers soothing scenery and is home to flamingos. These beautiful birds gather around the river, and it’s such a beauty to watch.

10. Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia

Namibia is a small country in Southern Africa and is home to the Sossusvlei Dunes. In the mother tongue, Sossusvlei translates, “The gathering place for water,” but this does not mean the dunes are water. They are normal dunes. Sand.

The Sossusvlei Dunes are a landform that has developed over the span of millions of years. The view from these dunes is magnificent and beautiful, and tourists will have a lot of fun here.


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