MUHAS Second Selections 2023/2024

MUHAS Courses Offered And Application Procedure 2024/2025 MUHAS Courses Offered And Application Procedure 2024/2025 MUHAS Profile Courses Offered And Contact Details 2024/2025 MUHAS Postgraduate Application Procedures 2024/2025 MUHAS Postgraduate Admission Requirements 2024/2025 MUHAS Postgraduate Programmes Offered 2024/2025 MUHAS Undergraduate Students Application Procedure 2024/2025 MUHAS Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Degree Programmes 2024/2025 Undergraduate Degree Programmes Offered at MUHAS 2024/2025 MUHAS Fee Structure For Diploma Courses 2024/2025 MUHAS Entry Requirements For Diploma Courses Application Procedure 2024/2025 MUHAS Diploma Courses Application Procedure 2024/2025 MUHAS Diploma and Advanced Diploma Programmes Offered 2024/2025 MUHAS Second Selections 2023/2024 Selected Applicants MUHAS 2023/2024

MUHAS Second Selections 2023/2024

Orodha ya waombaji waliochaguliwa kujiunga na chuo kikuu MUHAS awamu ya pili 2023/2024, MUHAS SELECTED APPLICANTS, SELECTED APPLICANTS MUHAS, WALIOCHAGULIWA MUHAS, WALIOCHAGULIWA MUHIMBILI, TCU Selection, In 1963, the Dar es Salaam Medical School became the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) | MUHAS Second Selections 2023/2024

The school then evolved into the Dar es Salaam University’s Faculty of Medicine, which was upgraded and renamed the Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences in 1991. (MUCHS).

The Muhimbili Medical Centre was formed in 1996 when the Faculty of Medicine was upgraded to a constituent College of the University of Dar es Salaam with the goal of eventually developing it into a full-fledged university (MMC).

Muhas Second Selections 2023/2024 Muhas Entry Requirements For Undergraduate Programmes Undergraduate Students Application Procedure 2023 Postgraduate Programmes Offered At Muhas Muhas Online Application System For Nafasi Za Kazi At Muhimbili - Muhas Job Opportunities At Muhas Muhas Selected Applicants 2022 Muhas Selected Applicants Muhas Online Application System | Apply Now Job Opportunity At Muhas Clinical Research


A university excelling in quality training of health professionals, research and public services with conducive learning and working environment.


To provide quality training, research and services in health and related fields for attainment of equitable socioeconomic development for Tanzanian community and beyond.

MUHAS Second Selections 2023/2024

Selected Applicants For For Academic Year 2022/2023

Orodha ya Waombaji waliodahiliwa zaidi ya Chuo Kimoja au Programu zaidi ya moja


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