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MWECAU Selection Second Round 2021

MWECAU Selection Second Round 2021

MWECAU Selection Second Round 2021

Background of Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU)

Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU) grew out of a former Teachers’ College (TC) named St. Josephs Teachers College established in 2001 to train Science Teachers for Secondary schools.

In 2005 the TC was elevated to a University College of Education (MWUCE) affiliated to St Augustine University of Tanzania. In July 2014, MWUCE was, by TCU mandate, granted status of a Fully Fledged University named Mwenge Catholic University and abbreviated MWECAU.

The University is owned by Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC). Since its establishment as a teachers’ college, the University has been involved in active academic, research, and community engagement efforts to fulfil its mandate as a distinguished academic institution, as well as responding to the government policy of expanding education facilities and trainings to the private sector in Tanzania.

MWECAU Selection Second Round 2021

MWECAU has expanded its initial vision to focus on broader issues of academic and research initiatives. Thus, the University has increased and improved the capacity of its staff in teaching, research and consulting.

The University has a population of 4500 students and employed about 213 staff diversified academic and non-academic staff to serve its purpose.

The University offers courses ranging from Certificate to PhD levels. Programmes that are offered include a PhD in Education, Masters in Education, Masters of Business Administration, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, Bachelors in Education, Business Administration, Mathematics and Statistics, Geography and Environmental Studies, and Humanities.

Certificate and Diploma Programmes include ICT, Laboratory Technology, Business Administrations, Library Records and Archives Management, Law, and Humanities.

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MWECAU Selection Second Round 2021


Vision is to be a “leading University that sets a national, regional, and international example in Education and Training, Research, and Consulting as well as Community Service.”


The mission of the University is “to produce professionally competent, innovative, and committed graduates who are grounded on professional excellence and moral integrity for provision of quality services to Tanzanian and the global community.”

MWECAU Selection Second Round 2021

Our Motto:

The University is dedicated to St. Joseph the Worker, with the motto ‘‘Lux Mundi’’ which translates in English to “Light of the World.”

Core Values


The University will model, both in attitude and in behaviour, a strong sense of acting uprightly with honesty, sincerity, and a high ethical standard for the love of God and neighbor.


Our commitment builds confidence to our stakeholders.


The University will deliver its programmes in such a manner as to ensure academic rigor and relevance, and commits us to challenge ourselves to utilize our God-given gifts – intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, and ethical. Our goal is to produce the highest quality.


We recognize and live-up to our responsibility to our students, campus resources, and community at large.


It moves to understand the gifts and unique contributions of every person in the University community which includes the value of diverse perspectives and life.


Our community works together to support our vision as well as our students’ success.


The University will work to meet the learning demands of the individual student through quality programmes and a supportive learning environment.

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MWECAU Selection Second Round 2021

Single Selected Applicants

This means that you have selected with one university only among the university you sent your application.

Check Here MWECAU Single Selected Applicants Second Round 

Multiple Selected Applicants

These are applicants who have been admitted to more than one college who are need to confirm their admission to one of the colleges from 18th September to 24 September, 2021 for a special code sent by text message through their phone numbers or emails they used when applying admission.

Those who do not receive the message in time, are advised enter the admission systems of the colleges where they were admitted and apply sent a text message or email with a special secret code in order to confirm at the respective college. Proof of admission must be made through the account that the applicant used when applying for admission

If you need to study at MWECAU 

Click Here to Confirm your admission at Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU)

Not Selected Applicants

These are students who applied for the admission and unfortunately not selected to join with University. But don’t give up still you have opportunity to apply for the third round application from 18th to 24th September 2021.

Thus, you have to be careful in applying courses or programmes for study by considering your performance and competition. For Universities

Third Round Application apply Here

For further information about MWECAU Second Round selection 2021/2022 visit university website www.mwecau.ac.tz


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