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Mwongozo Wa Uanzishaji Na Usajili Wa Shule Tanzania | Registration of Schools in Tanzania

Mwongozo Wa Uanzishaji Na Usajili Wa Shule Tanzania

Mwongozo Wa Uanzishaji Na Usajili Wa Shule Tanzania | Registration of Schools in Tanzania

Guidelines for the Establishment of school | Registration of Schools in Tanzania | Mwongozo Wa Uanzishaji Na Usajili Wa Shule Tanzania | Jinsi ya kuanzisha shule Tanzania | Hatua za kusajili shule | Hatua za kuanzisha shule Tanznaia | Anzisha na miliki shule Tanzania

The government through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has a legal obligation to ensure that the education provided is of sufficient quality to bring rapid development in the country.

Thus, an applicant such as a Council, Organization, Institution, Community or Individual who wants to establish a school should comply with the Law, Policy, Rules and Procedures laid down.

An applicant who wants to start a school must comply with the Education Act Chapter No. 353 and the existing Education and Training Policy.

The applicant will submit a letter of application to register the school to the Commissioner of Education.

This guide provides various instructions regarding the procedures for establishing and registering a school.

The beneficiaries of this guide are all stakeholders who have the interest and capital to contribute to the provision of education in the country.

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There are three steps to follow to complete the school registration, which are:

i) Establishing a school (building or using existing buildings)

The applicant will write a letter to request permission from the Commissioner of Education and will be required to consider the issue of Inclusive Education in order to provide an opportunity for Education to every Tanzanian.

i. A letter for an applicant without buildings who intends to build that will be attached with the following documents:

i) Patent of the area;

ii) Form No. US 1 (Attachment No. 2) with the applicant’s information;

iii) Construction permit from the Council;

iv) Project text;

v) School drawings and maps approved by the Council’s building engineer;

vi) Environmental assessment report from the relevant Council’s Environmental Officer.

vii) Constitution of the Organization/Community or Institution;

viii) Partnership agreement document.

NB: Applicant With Real Estate. The applicant who owns the building will write a letter and attach all the attachments of as well as information on the inspection of the existing infrastructure from the Health Officer, Construction Engineer and School Quality Controller from the relevant Council.

The Key Infrastructure Needed in a Day School are:

(i) Classrooms

(ii) Administration/Office Building

(iii) Library

(iv) Toilets for students and staff (teachers and non-teachers)

(v) Kitchen

(vi) Playground

(vii) Laboratory for Secondary schools

(viii) Playgrounds

(ix) Guaranteed water service

(x) Rest room for children of Primary class and

(xi) First aid room.

In addition, for boarding schools, the applicant will be required to have the infrastructure mentioned for the day school as well as:

i) Dormitories

(ii) Matron’s and Patron’s room depending on how

(iii) Dormitory bathrooms and toilets

(iv) Laundry and drying area and

(v) Guaranteed light.

Note: Permission to provide boarding services will be granted for students from the fifth grade onwards.

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ii) Confirmed to be the owner and manager of the school and;

Certified as a School Owner and Manager. Proof of ownership of the school will be issued to the Corporation/Community/Institute or individual who owns the land. The owner of the school will ask for confirmation of himself as the manager of the school or ask for the confirmation of the manager of another person.

iii) Registering the school.

Register School. This is the last step in the school registration procedures.

The applicant who was given a letter by the Commissioner of Education for the first and second stage will submit the application at this stage.

Registration will be given to the applicant who completed the first and second steps.

However, in addition to fulfilling the first and second steps, the applicant will be required to have enough furniture, teaching and learning equipment and staff.

Note: Admission of students should be done immediately after the school registration process is completed.

Mwongozo Wa Uanzishaji Na Usajili Wa Shule Tanzania | Registration of Schools in Tanzania


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