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MZUMBE Selected Applicants Waliochaguliwa 2022/2023

MZUMBE Selected Applicants Waliochaguliwa 2022/2023 MZUMBE Selected Applicants Waliochaguliwa MZUMBE JOB VACANCIES NAFASI ZA KAZI MZUMBE

MZUMBE Selected Applicants Waliochaguliwa 2022/2023

Mzumbe University was founded in 2007 by the Mzumbe University Charter, which was enacted in accordance with Section 25 of the Universities Act No. 7 of 2005, which repealed the Mzumbe University Act No. 9 of 2001.

The University has over 50 years of experience in training in the administration of justice, business management, public administration, accountancy, finance, political science, and good governance as a Training Institute.

Mzumbe University was founded in 1953 by the British Colonial Administration as a Local Government School in the country.

The school’s purpose was to train local chiefs, Native Authority staff, and councillors.

Following Tanzania’s (Tanganyika’s) independence, the level of training was raised to include training for Central Government Officials, Rural Development Officers, and local Court Magistrates.

In 1972, the then-Local Government School merged with the University of Dar es Salaam’s Institute of Public Administration to form the Institute of Development Management (IDM-Mzumbe).

IDM was a higher learning institution that provided professional management training in both the public and private sectors.

Clinical Officer Iipersonal Secretary Ii Job Vacancies At Mzumbe University - 2 Postspersonal Secretary Ii

Given the Institute’s natural growth over its years of successful operation, as well as changing national and international human resource needs, the government transformed it into a full-fledged public university. This was done in accordance with Act of Parliament No.21 of 2001.

The Mzumbe University Act No. 21 of 2001 was repealed in December 2006 by the Universities Act of Tanzania No. 7 of 2005 and replaced by the Mzumbe University Charter, 2007, which now guides the University’s operations and management.

According to the Mzumbe University Charter, 2007, the University’s mandate focuses on training, research, publications, and public service and consulting.

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The University’s mission is to provide opportunities for knowledge and skill acquisition, development, preservation, and dissemination through training, research, technical, and/or professional services.


By 2025, Mzumbe University will be recognised as Africa’s leading institution for demand-driven knowledge generation, application, preservation, and dissemination for socioeconomic development.

Core Values

The building of a cohesive and binding organizational culture is a fundamental pre-requisite for the sustainable development of the University.

The following are the core values which guides Mzumbe University’s organizational culture.

<> Transparency

<> Accountability

<> Creativity and Innovativeness

<> Integrity

<> Team work

<> Diligence

<> Respect for others

<> Responsive to society needs

MZUMBE Selected Applicants Waliochaguliwa 2022/2023

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