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Nafasi 104 za Kazi at Ubungo Municipal Council

Nafasi 104 za Kazi at Ubungo Municipal Council

Nafasi 104 za Kazi at Ubungo Municipal Council

Ubungo Municipal Council

Ubungo Municipal Council is one of the five Municipal Councils in the city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The Council’s vision is to have a society that is empowered to adapt to social, economic and Infrastructure development.

The overarching goal is to provide better services to the community by using the resources available effectively, and to build their capacity, good governance and respect for the rule of law that will improve the lives of the community.

Council’s revenue sources are heavily dependent on various taxes and levies, the main sources of revenue include Postage taxes, city service tariffs, Business licenses and on the part of the central government is through grants provided in specific areas such as Health, Education, and Infrastructure.

Inadequate revenue sources to meet the needs of the Municipality to provide better and better services, the Municipal Council has focused on providing better services to the public and seeking investment opportunities.

Nafasi 104 za Kazi at Ubungo Municipal Council

Where available

Ubungo Municipal Council is bordered by Kibaha District Council to the north, Kinondoni Municipal Council in the southeast and Kisarawe District Council to the west. Ubungo Municipal Council is connected to good roads and other means of communication in Dar es Salaam City and other parts of the country. The main roads connecting the Councils are Morogoro Road, Mandela Road, and Sam Njoma Road.


Location / Population

Ubungo Municipal Council has an area of ​​260.40 kilometers, according to the 2012 Population Census The municipality has a total population of 845,368 people of which 409,149 are males and 436,219 females but according to the 2016 population estimates the Municipal Council has a total population of 1,031,349 people where males are 499,161 and females 532,188.


Ubungo Municipal Council has an equatorial climate in which the weather is generally warm and cold all year round, the warmest season is the tenth month and the third month but the fifth and eighth months are cold.

There are also two rainy seasons which are a long season and a short season, the short season is from the twelfth month, the longest season is between the third and fifth months.


Ubungo Municipal Council has two (2) divisions in Kibamba and Magomeni where there are fourteen (14) wards and ninety-one (91) wards also Ubungo Municipal Council has two constituencies, the Council is structurally headed by a council of councilors. (Full Council) which consists of fourteen (14) elected councilors and two (2) elected members of the Constituencies.

Vision and Responsibility

The vision of the Municipality is to have a society with sustainable social and economic development by 2025.


To provide quality social and economic services to the community through efficient use of resources for the sustainable development of the people of Ubungo.


Basic Values

Nafasi 104 za Kazi at Ubungo Municipal Council


Implementation of the Ubungo Municipal Council’s Strategic Plan is guided by core values ​​that include what the Council values ​​most as all employees should adhere to the implementation of the core values ​​that guide the strategic plan.


I. Transparency:

The Council works to ensure that there is access to information to the public on how it performs its day-to-day operations, the Council intends to serve the community to the best of its ability based on transparency.

II. Integrity and Ethics:

The Council will ensure that employees work fairly, through honesty, fairness, and responsibility to build genuine and strong relationships among employees, stakeholders, and customers with a reputation for trust in the Council, as well as for the benefit and interests of Everybody.

III. Innovation:

The Council aims to be at the forefront among other Councils in the provision of social services. Employees are encouraged to adapt to the environment to come up with innovative ideas to address social challenges and enhance existing opportunities for better and more effective social service delivery in the Council.

IV. Accountability:

Nafasi 104 za Kazi at Ubungo Municipal Council

The Council aims to adhere to professional standards in the workplace. Accountability is an important aspect of performance in the Council. Employees are reminded that they are employed on the basis of the professions they have studied and should be held accountable in the council for providing effective social and economic services effectively using the resources available for sustainable development.

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V. Community outlook:

The Council is committed to meeting the basic needs of the community. this is done by giving priority to identifying their needs and thus providing services based on needs at all levels and on a scale.

VI. Positive Outcomes:

The Council strives to produce positive socially acceptable outcomes in order to bring about positive developmental change.

VII. Partnerships:

The Council encourages working in partnership with various development partners from the private and public sectors in the effective delivery of social services.

Nafasi 104 za Kazi at Ubungo Municipal Council

Nafasi 104 Za Kati At Ubungo Municipal Council

Nafasi 104 za Kazi at Ubungo Municipal Council

Nafasi 104 za Kazi at Ubungo Municipal Council

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