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NECTA Maombi Ya Uthibitisho Wa Matokeo | Statement Of Results Online Application

NECTA Maombi Ya Uthibitisho Wa Matokeo Returned Certificates Online Application Utaratibu Wa Kufanya Maombi Ya Cheti Mbadala

NECTA Maombi Ya Uthibitisho Wa Matokeo | Statement Of Results Online Application

Statement of Results is issued to the candidate who lost or
damaged by photo-less certificates.

This service applies to candidates who have completed Form the Fourth before the year 2008 and candidates for the Sixth Form and Teachers who qualified before of the year 2009.

Applications for Confirmation of Results are made through the online system (Online Application), where the applicant must fill out the application form, attach it required documents and submit the application online.

The applicant must follow all the steps including filling in all the information fully and attaching the documents all required.

An application missing one of the required documents will not be processed.


(a) Police Loss Report or Disaster Report Fire/Flood.

(b) The full page of the newspaper with the name of the newspaper and the date of issue (showing the Name of candidate, Exam Number, Exam Type, Exam Year, School Name, Photograph of the Candidate and Where the certificate was lost) or;

(c) Letter from the Fire Rescue Force or local government regarding burning or damage to the certificate resulting from flooding, damage by ants, rats or any other damage.

(d) Remains of the relevant certificate (if any) remaining after disasters such as fire, flood, eaten by rats or ants.

(e) A copy of the voter’s ID or National ID (citizenship) or a document of passport or driver’s license. Other IDs will not be accepted.

(f) Colored Passport Size Photo with “Blue background”.


(a) Open NECTA’s website (www.necta.go.tz)

(i) Select and click E-services

(ii) Enter the phone number to get the confirmation code (code number)

(iii) Enter the ‘Code Number’ you received on your phone (four digits [4])

(iv) Enter your email address

(b) How to make payment using ‘Control Number

(i) Enter the names of the applicant as written on the certificate/document results.

(ii) Re-enter the phone number

(iii) Re-enter your email address

(iv) Choose a service (Statement of Results)

(v) Generate Control Number (Generate Bill).

(vi) Make a payment of Sh. 100,000/= for each Confirmation of Results (Statement of Results) in one of the following banks: NMB, CRDB, NMB or through mobile payment system (M-Pesa or Tigo Pesa) using the electronic payment number (Control Number) you created.

NB: Whoever loses the second time (Loss of Statement of Results) will pay Sh. 150,000 to get another Statement of Results.

(c) After making payment

(i) Click on Statement of Results and apply (Apply/New Application)

(ii) Enter the mobile number and payment number (Control Number) which has already been paid.

(d) Fill in the online application form (Online Application Form)

(e) Submit the application by clicking on ‘Submit‘.


The process of preparing the Confirmation of Results will take no less than thirty days (30) since the filing of the petition.

The customer can contact NECTA by phone 0222700493-6/9 or email: [email protected] or [email protected] to find out if Confirmation of Results is ready for him to follow.

The applicant will be handed over the Result Confirmation after to show his citizenship ID, vote or driver’s license.


The Statement of Results application process involves investigation on the validity and ownership of the candidate’s results information.

If the result of investigation will reveal that the applicant is not the rightful owner, legal action will be taken against him/her.

NECTA Maombi Ya Uthibitisho Wa Matokeo | Statement Of Results Online Application

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