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NECTA Registration Fees

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NECTA Registration Fees

Summary of NECTA’s History

After Tanzania Mainland had pulled out of the East African Examinations Council, in 1971 and before NECTA was established by Law, in 1973, the Curriculum and Examinations Section of the Ministry of Education was responsible for all examinations.

With the establishment of NECTA, the Examinations became its responsibility in accordance with the law.

The Curriculum continued to be under the Ministry of Education and the University College, Dar es Salaam until when it was taken over by the newly established, autonomous Institute of Curriculum Development (ICD) in 1975, which in 1993 was renamed as the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE).

Between 1972 and 1976 the first staff of NECTA were recruited, among them was Mr. P. P Gandye who was recruited in 1972 and later on in 1994 was appointed as Executive Secretary.

The other staff members continued to be recruited and especially so when NECTA’s premises moved from the Ministry of Education Headquarters to the present premises at Kijitonyama near Mwenge. Presently the number of NECTA’s staff is more than 250.

NECTA Mission and Vission

Our vission

To be the Centre of Excellence in Quality Education Assessment and Certification.

Our mission

To Provide Fair, Efficient and Effective Educational Assessment.

Our motto

To serve you better anywhere and everywhere ! Your satisfaction is our pleasure.


The Functions of National Examinations of Tanzania

To formulate examinations policy in accordance with the principles of education for self reliance and the education and training policy

To ensure responsibility for examinations within the United Republic of Tanzania and to make provision for places and centres for examinations


To receive from other persons or bodies of persons reports or other material affecting examinations policy and from from time to time to consider and review examinations policy as circumstances may require

To co-operate with other persons or bodies of persons in the orderly development of an examinations system in the United Republic of Tanzania

To conduct examinations for, and to grant, diplomas, certificates and other awards of the the council

To act as the body which shall facilitate, administer and supervise foreign examinations in Tanzania.

NECTA Registration Fees

Type of Examination
Registration Fees
Normal Registration
Late Registration With Penalty
Certificate of Primary Examination
(English Medium)
TZS. 15,000 N/A
Qualifying Test TZS. 30,000 TZS. 40,000
Certificate of Secondary Education Examination TZS. 50,000 TZS. 65,000
Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination TZS. 50,000 TZS. 65,000
Grade A Teachers Certificate Examination TZS. 50,000 TZS. 65,000
Diploma in Secondary Education Examination TZS. 50,000 TZS. 65,000


The above fees are applicable for the specified dates in the registration periods.

NECTA’s Bank accounts

NECTA has the following bank accounts which can be used by School Candidates for fees deposit. Remember to keep the bank deposit receipts until you have confirmed with NECTA about your payments.


Private Candidates are supposed to pay their registration fees at Tanzania Posts Corporation (POSTA)

Bank Name
Name of Account
Account Number
Type of Payment
1. NMB Bank – Bank House NECTA Reccurent Revenue Account 2011100238 TZS Examination Fees
2. NBC Bank – Corporate Branch National Examinations Council of Tanzania 011103001074 TZS Examination Fees
3. CRDB Bank – Kijitonyama Branch National Examinations Council of Tanzania 01J1013540000 TZS Examination Fees
4. CRDB Bank – Tower Branch National Examinations Council of Tanzania 03J1042982300 GBP (£) Examination Fees (External Bodies)



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