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North West University Online Application System | Apply Now

North West University Online Application System

North West University Online Application System | Apply Now

South African universitiesAs a multi-campus university, the NWU offers students choice and variety, both academically and geographically.

Collectively, the three campuses have 15 academic faculties, which in turn consist of more than 50 schools.

Some faculties also have centres and institutes offering short courses, other types of skills development and various community and commercial services.

NWU Vaal focuses on programmes in economic sciences, commerce, information technology, education, social science, languages and the humanities.

The NWU is committed to functioning as a unitary, integrated, multi-campus university that enables equity, redress and globally competitive teaching and research across all three of our campuses.

Our core activities, teaching-learning and research, are intertwined with community engagement and innovation in our eight faculties, most of which serve our contact students and a select few that also include our distance learning students

North West University Online Application System

Application & Admission

Please note that you need a University Number and PIN to start the application process.

Certain forms must be uploaded during the application process. To assist you in the application process you can first download the documents and complete them before starting the process.

The undertaking is a mandatory document that needs to be uploaded with all the online applications.

Click here to download the undertaking form. You will be able to upload the document on the “Electronic Documents” page.

Open Distance Learning students in Education Faculty, applying for ACT & Diploma in Gr R, must upload a PRO2 form applicable to their qualification during the application process.

Important Notice

Students are requested to submit their application as soon as they complete the online application.

Any application that is submitted after the closing dates of any qualification will automatically be cancelled.

You will still be able to add any outstanding documents after the application has been submitted.

Dear student

Please note that it is illegal to use any ID number than your own when you create an NWU student number.

If you have forgotten your NWU student nr, please use the “Forgotten University Number” option that is clearly visible on the application page, on the left hand side of the page.

How To Apply Online

North West University Online Application System

Step 1: Create your university number

Go to the online application platform

Click on Application Login, it will open the Login screen

Click on Create new student number and complete all the fields.

If you already have a university number, log into the portal using your details.

Please note that the allocation of a student number does not mean that you have completed the application process.

Go through all the steps to ensure that your application is complete and submit it so that it reaches us.

Incomplete applications will not be processed by the University.


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