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PREMS Log In And Use The System

PREMS How To Log In and Use  the System

PREMS Log In And Use The System

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This document provides essential information for the user to make full use of the Secondary Schools Record Manager (PReMS). The PReMS is intended to be used by various stakeholders including;

i. Public and Private Secondary Schools (O’level and​​ A’level).

ii. Regional and Council Educational officers responsible for administering Education at their jurisdiction​​ levels.

iii. Commissioner for Education to approve issues related to repeaters and​​ transfer.

iv. NECTA to obtain various students’ data for administering and conducting National Assessments and​​ Examinations.

System​​ Overview

The PReMS provide various functionalities as shown in​​ Figure 1.

C:\Users\Vmargreth\Desktop\Isc2019\Prems\New Prems.png

Figure1: PReMS System overview

Purpose and​​ Scope

As shown in​​ Figure 1, the currently PReMS offer the following functionalities;

>> System Configuration and User​​ Management,

>> Students Registration and​​ Management.

Based on these modules or functionalities, this manual provides mode of operation and step-by-step procedures for system access and use.


How To Log In and Use Mfumo wa Taarifa za Shule SIS (School Information System) Mwalimu wa Darasa
How To Log In and Use Mfumo wa Taarifa za Shule SIS (School Information System) Mkuu wa Shule
PREMS How To Log In and Use  the System

Personnel​​ Contacts

For PReMS support and further assistance, please contact the Help desk for immediate support of the​​ system as shown in ​​ Table 1. However, in case the problem persists or has not been re-solved, you may call or contact the Front-line Managers as indicated below.

Table 1: Personnel contact details

Emergency Call
Contact Personnel


Emergencye.g.​​ Users cannot​​ access​​ system server or site is​​ down.

Help Desk Support​​ [email protected]

Help Desk Support Hotline:



IT Managers

First Line-up:

IT Manager:​​ [email protected]​​ Hotline:​​ +255735606723

Second Line-up:

Director of ICT:​​ [email protected]​​ Hotline:​​ +255738678738.

Note: The Hotline numbers are

available during office hours only e.g. Monday-Friday.

In order to ensure timely service delivery, the cases reported to the NECTA shall be recorded to the Help support system so as to issue a​​ coupon​​ or​​ token​​ for a customer to make follow-up appropriately.

It is recommended to present the coupon or token during follow-up call or when requested by the Help desk support​​ team.

Getting started

To get started using the PReMS, the user must use URL​​ https://prem.necta.go.tz/prems

For betterperformance Google Chrome Browser ishighly​​ recommended.


This document hasfour(04) chapters to describethe​​ organization of the User​​ Manual.

Chapter 1: Provide the introduction, system overview and purpose and scope of the developed PReMS.​​ Also, it presents the contacts of key-personnel responsible for managing the system.

Chapter 2: Provide system configuration and user management including system login and logout and also the mechanism for changing the user password.

Chapter 3: Provide functionalities for individual student registration and selection uploads for students selected to join secondary schools. Moreover, after uploads it provides the list qualified student and disqualified student


Before start using the PReMS, a user must login into the system. This will allow the system to prepare appropriate roles to apply while using the system.

1. Login

To login into the system, follow the steps below;

Step​​ 1:Type​​ https://prem.necta.go.tz/prems​​ in your browser and press​​ enter,

Step​​ 2:After displaying the login form as shown in​​ Figure 2, enter username and​​ password.

Figure 2: Login Form

Step​​ 3:Click​​ Sign in​​ button to login to the PReMS System.

When user has logged in successfully, the system will display the system home page as shown in​​ Figure 3.

Figure 3: PReMS home page

At home page, user must choose​​ Regions​​ and Councils​​ and/or​​ Centre/School​​ drop-menus to perform operations related to the following main-menus;

  • Dashboard menu
  • Student​​ menu
  • Logout

2. To log out from the system, follow the steps below;

Step​​ 1:Click the​​ profile​​ icon at the right top corner of the system as shown in​​ Figure​​ 4.


Figure 4: System Logout Step​​ 2:Click​​ logout​​ button.

3. Change​​ password

The user can change the password at any time. To change password, follow the following steps;

Step 1:​​ Click​​ user profile​​ icon at the right top corner of the system and select​​ change password​​ button as shown in​​ Figure​​ 4​​ above.​​ The​​ system​​ will​​ display​​ window​​ for changing password as shown in​​ Figure 5.

C:\Users\Vmargreth\Downloads\Change Password.png
Figure 5: Change Password

Step 2:​​ After changing password, click​​ submit​​ button to save the new password.

4. Manage​​ Centres

The sub-menu will allow users to manage the centres in the system by adding the new centres, editing existing centre, deleting centre and searching to view centre as shown in​​ Figure 6.

C:\Users\Rngoda\Desktop\Tsm 9 Mtandao User Manual\Images\Centres.png

Figure 6: Manage Centres


The student registration and management module allow user to upload students using batches in excel templates. Also, it allow user to register a student using new student registration form.

The module has students menu with sub-menu as shown in

Figure 7.

C:\Users\Rngoda\Desktop\Tsm 9 Mtandao User Manual\Images\New-Student-Menu.jpeg
Figure 7: Students sub-menu

i. New Student​​ sub-menu

To register an individual student of a specific school, user must ensure has privileges to access the intended school. When the access is granted, the individual student can be registered through steps below;

Step​​ 1:​​ From​​ Students​​ Menu,​​ select​​ New​​ Student​​ sub-menu to register a student into the​​ system.

Step 2:​​ From School or Centre dropdown-menu, choose required school to register the student ​​ and ​​ then choose the class dropdown-menu to select the class student belongs. The registration window will be opened as shown in​​ Figure 8.

C:\Users\Rngoda\Desktop\Tsm 9 Mtandao User Manual\New-Student-Form.jpeg
Figure 8: New student registration form

Step​​ 3:Fill-in, compulsory and optional students particulars using the text-box​​ provided.

Step​​ 4:Click​​ submit​​ button to​​ register a student into the system.

ii. Upload Selection​​ sub-menu

From​​ Students​​ Menu,​​ select​​ Upload​​ Selection​​ sub-menu​​ to upload list of student using excel​​ template.

Upload at Regional or Council using​​ template

To upload batch of students selected to join secondary school at Regional or Council level follow steps below;

Step 1:​​ From region dropdown-menu, choose required Region to upload selected students.

Step 2:​​ From council dropdown-menu, choose required Council to upload the selected students.​​ Note: Since data will be uploaded at Council level, do not choose school from the​​ dropdown-menu.

Step 3:​​ From class dropdown-menu, choose required class to upload selected students. The upload window with button for template download will be opened as shown in​​ Figure 9.

Figure 9: Student’s upload window

Step 4:​​ Click​​ template button​​ to download the template and fill lists of selected students as shown in ​​ Figure​​ 10.

C:\Users\Rngoda\Desktop\Tsm 9 Mtandao User Manual\Sample-Data-Registration-Prem.jpeg

Figure 10: Sample data for upload

The date of Birth (DoB) for student is optional e.g. system will load (automatically) the date of birth of each student from previous data. Any candidate missing date of birth will be disqualified for further correction.

Step 5:​​ From upload window, see​​ Figure 9. Click button​​ choose file​​ and then select the file consisting lists of selected student as shown in​​ Figure 11.

C:\Users\Rngoda\Desktop\Tsm 9 Mtandao User Manual\Images\Browse-File-Selection-.Jpeg
Figure 11: Window for file browsing

Step 6:​​ After choosing the file, click​​ open​​ button and later click​​ upload file​​ button accordingly. The system will upload data from a file and checks for data validity. Moreover, the system will display summary of registered, disqualified, duplicate and not uploaded students as shown in​​ Figure​​ 12.

Figure 12: Uploaded data summary

The system does not allow duplicates. In case duplicate exist, only one record will be registered in respect of any detected duplicate.

To preview the list of students not uploaded, click​​ download Un- uploaded Students​​ as show in​​ Figure 12​​ and then, a template with list of students with reason(s) for why not uploaded will be downloaded as shown in​​ Figure 13.