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Teachers Job Opportunities at Haven of Peace Academy – 13 Posts

Teachers Job Opportunities

Teachers Job Opportunities at Haven of Peace Academy – 13 Posts

HOPAC was started for missionaries by missionaries and, in the last 25 years, has grown to include many Tanzanian students and staff. All of these people together make up the incredible international community that is unique to Haven of Peace in Dar.

This community shines through in all aspects of the school. From Opening Assembly to Pamoja Week we thrive because of our differences and the opportunities that makes possible for each of us.

At Haven of Peace Academy we strive to create a nurturing learning environment, invite teachers and staff to our team who have a strong Christian faith, develop students who want to change the world and cultivate a reputation that has a positive impact on the city of Dar.

In September, 1994, after two years of much prayer and hard work, the vision became reality. On a rented plot in a renovated house in Oyster Bay, Haven of Peace Academy opened its doors and welcomed its first 47 students.

Three missionary teachers from Canada, the US and Australia, and a Head Teacher from the UK, taught Kindergarten through Grade 6.  To help start the school, a container full of resources was donated by Christians in Northern Ireland.

From the start, the Steering Committee wanted to share the blessing with Tanzanians and other expatriates who valued the Christian education and ethos of Haven of Peace Academy.

The school grew quickly and steadily, from 47 students to 144 in the first four years.  This growth required the construction of two new classroom blocks within the first three years.  Grade 7 was added in 1997, grade 8 in 1999, grade 9 in 2000 and grade 10 in 2001.

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The original campus was being stretched to the limit; a larger campus was needed.  With funds saved from careful stewardship, the present 10+ acre property was purchased and construction began in late 2000.

In August 2001, the Vice President of Tanzania, Dr. Ali Mohammed Shein, inaugurated the new campus.  In September 2001, Haven of Peace Academy welcomed over 200 students to the new campus at Kunduchi.

NICS Recruitment

HOPAC is in partnership with the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) and the majority of our teaching opportunities are advertised through the NICS website.

Candidates complete the NICS application form and process before being interviewed by HOPAC leadership.

HOPAC’s teaching needs for the 2022-2023 school year are now posted on the NICS website!

1. Chaplain
2. Librarian
3. Teacher – English (Secondary)
4. Teacher – French (Secondary)
5. Teacher – Geography (Secondary)
6. Teacher – ICT (Primary)
7. Teacher – Math (Secondary)
8. Teacher – Middle English/Humanities 
9. Teacher – Music (K-6)
10. Teacher – PE
11. Teacher – Psychology/Sociology (9-12)
12. Teacher – Primary (K-5)
13. Teacher Trainer / Curriculum Specialist

Visit https://www.nics.org/career-opportunities/ then select School > Haven of Peace Academy to view HOPAC’s open positions and begin the application process.


Other Opportunities

Haven of Peace Academy accepts applications for Student Teachers.  This is open to candidates from all countries.

To be considered submit an up to date CV/resume to [email protected] together with a motivation letter. HOPAC also accepts Student Teachers through the NICS online application.


Haven of Peace Academy also offers an Internship programme for Eligible Tanzanian candidates.

Click here for more details about the programme and for details about the application process. Note: Only complete applications will be considered and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Haven of Peace Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its employment activities.

At the same time, Haven of Peace Academy cherishes its right and duty to seek and retain personnel who will make a positive contribution to its Christian character, goals and mission in order to enhance the evangelical Christian ethos of the school.


If you are new to HOPAC or to EdAdmin you will receive an email with login email at the beginning of the year.

If you have any problems with EdAdmin please contact [email protected]

Please follow this link to go to the login page for parents: https://hopac.ed-space.net/pparentportal.cfm

Students, please follow this link: https://hopac.ed-space.net/studentportal.cfm



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