This was a dialogue between the poor nation themselves to discuss the problems related to their poverty and how to work jointly by cooperating together in various fields e.g. in economic; trade, industrial fields, agricultural sector etc.

This South – South dialogue was formed in 1978 under the UN Development program (UNDP) the aim was to promote South – South trade, economic and collaboration with UN agencies like UNDP, W.T.O, WB, IMF etc.

Hence officially the South – South dialogue started influencing economic development in the South – South nations after the formation of South –South commission under the chairmanship of the Late J.K. Nyerere held in Zimbabwe in 1986, the South –South dialogue aimed at organizing by doming bilateral agreements, regional sub regional, and inter regional groups.


1. Economic, trade, finance and investment.

2. Education, provision of scholarship and research findings.

3. Humanitarian assistance.

4. Science and technological cooperation.

5. Environmental issues.

6. Public sectors and health management.


1. Aimed at forming cooperation between countries and regional grouping so as to find the solution of the global plans which could help the LDC s to development like to find the solution of the financial crisis, economic recession (depression), climatic change, energy security etc.

2. Aimed to bring a new world economic order in order to balance trade and exchange between member states and between North and South (poor) and (rich) has over the South.

3. Aimed to form strong partnership among the LDCs so as to against the imperialist domination in terms of trade partnership.

4. Mobilization of the 3 rd world energy and other resources so as to solve the problem of underdevelopment and boost the economic growth of the South countries.

5. Aimed to remove the concept of co-operation as purely as assisting dependent countries which aimed at addressing this concept of cooperation between the North and South with equal benefit bases which the South countries want to benefit in their cooperation with the rich.

6. Aimed to ensure effective use of available technical experts in order to boost economic growth especially in industrial and agricultural sectors.


1. Lack of capital. This forced the LDCs to look for loans, grants and aids from developed countries as the only alternative way to development thus why they always looking for grants, loans and aids from WB and IMF.

2. Undermine the poor member state by fellow rich states. This is because rich members tend to undermine the poor member state found in LDCs this has been acting as the obstacle for the South – South dialogue to reach their objectives.

3. Protectionism This was a policy carried out by the North countries (rich) to restrict the South to access the world market hence the South Counties always face the problem of price fluctuation in the world market.

4. Interference of economic and financial plans policies by unity national cooperation’s or transnational institutions. These cooperation act as the obstacle for the South countries to achieve their intended objectives e.g. the IMF, WB, W.T.D, European union, Paris club etc. always tend to interfere the international matters of the South.

5. Lack of heavy industrial base. These policy always makes the South countries to depend from the North as far as science and technologies is concerned hence South country have been made as dumping areas for the North to dump their outdated science and technology.

6. Political instability. This is a common problem in many LDCs due to civil wars which tend to affect the LDC s peace, security, harmony and hinders economic, social and political development.

7. Existence of multiple – economic integrations which are not committed to fulfill their activities and their intended activities e.g. members of SADEC are also members of EAC or ECOWAS etc.

8. Existence of Neo – colonialism in LDCs; whereby the North tend to exploit the resource of the South by back doors hence the South fail to development.

9. Poverty problem.

10. Drought.

11. Famine and hunger.

12. Illiteracy.

13. Competition of production of the same raw materials among the member states e.g. member state are producing the same Cocoa, tea, sisal, cotton etc.

14. Diseases.

15. Frequent economic crisis.


This was the dialogue between the rich (developed) and poor developing nations) with came out of the recognition of the fact that poverty being a global issue must be solved together between the rich and poor nations.

Therefore in the North south dialogue the poor countries demanded the following.

1. They demanded the existing international trade to change so that the poor countries who are the producers of raw materials only can also be able to develop their heavy products in order to get out their dependency.

2. They wanted the price of agricultural raw materials at the world market to be reasonable, good and permanent or fixed because the existing prices are low and are frequently changing which is of a great disadvantages for the development of the poor nations.

3.They demanded transfer of technology from Europe and America to Africa, Latin America and Asia free of charge; where they argue that technology is a right of every man kind therefore the developing nation has a right to get it without any conditions from the developed countries.

4. They demanded that the developing nations are poor but this poverty has been caused by the developed nations; therefore in the new international economic order the rich countries are obliged to help the LDCs by giving loans, aid and grants together with cancelling their external debts.

5. The developing nations appeal to have a voice in the international financial organizations (organs) like WB, IMF because the poor nations use the money from those financial institutions however they have no say especially when to get and when to pay back the loans.

6. The LDCs wants also to ratify the international trade maritime in which the overseas transport should not only be monopolized by the developed nation rather benefiting all nations in the world.

7. The LDCs want disarmament and investment in armament programmers so as to preserve tranquility and mention the world peace and security.


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