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TIA Fee Structure For Academic Year 2023/2024

TIA Second Selections 2023/2024 TIA Fee Structure For Academic Year 2023/2024 TIA Joining Instructions For Academic Year 2023 Selected Applicants TIA 2023/2024

TIA Fee Structure For Academic Year 2023/2024

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Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) is a successor of the Dar es Salaam School of Accountancy (DSA) that was established in January 1973 as a Government Training Centre by a special decree of the Minister for Finance.


“To be the Institute of Excellence in the provision of Quality Business Education, Research and Consultancy services in Africa”


“To provide quality education, research and consultancy services in the areas of   Accountancy, Procurement and other business-related disciplines to both public and private sectors”

Selected Applicants Tia 2023/2024

Core Values

TIA envisages modeling, upholding and promoting the following values:

1. Excellence: TIA staff work to achieve the highest standards in everything we do.

2. Collaboration: TIA staff work closely with other Academic Institutions as well as partners and donors to positively impact our activities.

3. Innovation: TIA staff strives to continually find new ways to improve and overcome emerging challenges.

4. Professionalism: TIA staff adheres to, and maintain the rule of acceptable ethical behavior and honesty in all their activities.

5. Transparency: TIA staff are operating in openness and communicating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are

TIA Fee Structure For Academic Year 2023/2024


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