UDSM Undergraduate Fees Structure

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UDSM Undergraduate Fees Structure

The idea of the University was breached in the 1958 Annual General Meeting of TANU. It was proposed by Mr. Amos Kesenge the then TANU General Secretary.

He said “people of Tanganyika are the ones with thirst and hunger for education. Education is the key in the development of people’s life in this country and for a better national development there should be people with education, knowledge and wisdom”.

Members agreed that the University should be out of party politics and so everyone should contribute in kind and cash.

Contribution for building this University started by Tanganyika African Newspaper Company Limited by organising a football match and all the money collected was deposited in the university basket fund.

In the winning cup handing ceremony, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, TANU Chairman, requested people to join the efforts of establishing a University to avoid depending on foreign Universities which were very expensive and had different ideologies.

He urged TANU members to contribute Tsh 50/= each while others contributed Tsh. 2/= each. Up to 16th March 1958 the university fund had Tsh 1,971/=. The following is the list of some of the people who contributed in cash.


“To become a leading Centre of Intellectual Wealth spearheading the Quest for Sustainable and Inclusive Development”


“The University of Dar es Salaam will advance the economic, social and technological development of Tanzania and beyond through excellent teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange”


Hekima ni Uhuru (Wisdom is Freedom)

Undergraduate Fees

At the beginning of the academic year, all students will be required to produce evidence of sponsorship by the Government or any other organizations, otherwise they will be expected to pay full tuition

And University fees (or the portion not covered by the sponsor) by the beginning of the term/semester before they can be permitted to use the University facilities.

All local payments for fees should be by Bankers Cheques payable to the Bursar, University of Dar es Salaam or by other acceptable modes with approval of the Bursar. All payments must be receipted.

The following Table depicts Tuition Fees for Tanzanian and Non-Tanzanian Nationals:

Tuition Fees for Tanzanian and Non-Tanzanian Nationals
Cluster Tuition fees for Tanzanian Nationals (TZS) Tuition fees for full-time year for Non- Tanzanian Nationals (USD) Hosting Academic Unit Degree/Programme




1 1,000,000 2,100 CoSS, CoHU, DUCE, MUCE BA in Heritage Management, Music, Art and Design, Theatre Arts, Film and Television Language Studies, Literature, Philosophy and Ethics, Anthropology, History, Statistics, Psychology, Bachelor of Arts with Education, Bachelor of Education in Arts
IDS, IKS Development Studies, Kiswahili
SoEd BEd in Adult & Community Education, Commerce, Early Childhood Education, Psychology, Physical Education and Sports.







2 1,100,000 2,700 CoET BSc in Geomatics, Quantity Surveying
3 1,300,000 2,700 CoSS, Library, CoHU BA in Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Studies, Economics, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology, Economics & Statistics, Bachelor of Social Work, BA Library and Information Studies
SJMC BA in Journalism, Mass Communication, Public Relations and Advertising
SoEd, DUCE, MUCE Bachelor of Education (BEed) in Science, BSc with Education
UDBS BCommerce (except Accounting)
CoET All programmes (except Geomatics and Quantity Surveying)
CoNAS All programmes
IMS, MCHAS B.Sc. Marine Sciences, B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering
CoAF All Programmes
UDSoL BA in Law Enforcement
4 1,500,000 3,500 UDBS
BCommerce (Accounting)
BSc in Electronic Science and Communication, BSc in Computer Science, BSc in Computer Engineering and Information Technology, and BSc in Telecommunication Engineering, B.Sc. with Computer Science, BSc in Business Information Technology, BSc in Electronics Engineering
5 1,800,000 5,672 MCHAS Doctor of Medicine

















UDSM Undergraduate Entry Requirements
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