University of the Western Cape Online Application

University of the Western Cape Online Application

University of the Western Cape Online Application

South African universitiesThe University of the Western Cape is a public university located in the Bellville suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.

​In its mission, the University ​of the Western Cape strives to be a place of quality, a place to grow.

The University of The Western Cape has grown to become one of the best universities in South Africa.

he University of the Western Cape (UWC) was founded in 1960 and occupies a unique space in the South African higher education landscape.

It is a dynamic institution committed to excellence in learning, teaching, research and innovation in a globally competitive environment whilst remaining true to the values

And ethos that have shaped its identity as a university rooted in serving the public good.

Definition Of Terms


Full-time student – A registered student who attends the university for day students.

Part-time student – A registered student who attends the university for after-hours tuition.

Undergraduate (UG) applicant – An undergraduate is an applicant/student at a university or college who is studying for his or her first degree.

Postgraduate (PG) applicant – A student who has successfully completed an undergraduate degree level course at a college or university and is undertaking further study at a more advanced level.


A first-time entering student is a student who is registering for the first time for an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification and has not been effectively registered at this level in any higher education module/programme at the institution or any other higher education institution. Students can be categorised as first time entering UG or first-time entering PG.

An entering student is a student who has been registered at another institution in the past but is now registering for a different qualification for which she/he has not previously been registered. Entering students can be categorised as UG or PG.

A transfer student is a student who is transferring from another institution. Transfer students can also be categorised as UG or PG transfers.

Affiliate Student – An affiliate student is a student who has been permitted to register at the University for study or research purposes but who may not attain any credits towards a qualification. Postdoctoral as well as Master’s and Doctoral students who are working on their thesis proposal but do not wish to have the year reflected as an official year of enrolment shall, for this purpose, register as an affiliate student.

Occasional Student – This is a person who satisfies the statutory requirements for entry into a formally approved qualification offered by the institution, who is effectively registered for an approved programme, but who is not registered for an approved qualification.


Matriculant – A student who has passed the final school-leaving examination.

Post-Matriculant – A student who has already sat matric examinations (NSC).

Senior Certificate – The qualification awarded by the Department of Education to a grade 12 student but who has not attained a matriculation exemption.

Bachelor’s Pass – You can apply for a degree programme at a university with this type of pass, given that you have met all other university entry requirements.

Application Procedures


CHOOSE A PROGRAMME – Browse our academic programmes (click here) to see what programmes we offer, or visit our faculty pages on our website – type in what you would like to study and download the programme information.


CHECK ENTRY REQUIREMENTS – Entry requirements are the minimum academic standards that the University requires in order to consider you for entry into one of our degree programmes.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee you a place to study. Competition for most of our degrees is high and demand for places generally exceeds the number of places available.

Final selection is made subject to the availability of places, academic results and other entry requirements where applicable. CLICK HERE FOR GENERAL ADMISSIONS CRITERIA

When applying, the application system will also indicate if you meet the minimum requirements for a programme or not based on the results you have entered.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for a programme and are still awaiting final results you may continue to select the programme.

A decision will only be made on your final results. Please note that meeting the minimum is also not a guarantee of selection or entry into a programme.


APPLY ONLINE – Complete the online application form (click here) and submit all required documents (click here)

For More Detailed Information Kindly Visit OFFICIAL WEBSITE


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