Utaratibu Wa Uhamisho Kwa Watumishi Wa Umma

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Utaratibu Wa Uhamisho Kwa Watumishi Wa Umma

Transfer Procedure For Public Servants, Utaratibu Wa Uhamisho Kwa Watumishi Wa Umma, Issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administrations and Local Governments, Obtaining a Transfer Permit for a Public Servant

How to Obtain a Transfer Permit for a Public Servant

When an employee needs a transfer permit from the Regional Administrative Secretary to TAMISEMI, he should have the following items:-

1. A letter asking for permission written by his Employer (Director)

2. His transfer application letter sent to the place he wants to move to

3. Letter of acceptance of his transfer request from the Employer of the place he wants to move to

4. His employment letter

5. Letter of confirmation at work

6. Copy of work ID

7. Copy of salary slip

8. Attachment of the reason for his migration

– If it is to follow his partner, he must have a marriage certificate,

– If it is for family reasons, for example to be close to his parents or relatives who depend on him, he should have a letter from the Ward/Village/Street Executive of the place he is going to

– If it is an illness, a referral letter/or a Doctor’s letter from the Government Hospital showing that the employee needs to receive treatment in the Hospital of the place he is requesting to move to

– If it is to exchange information of a fellow employee they exchange with him.

Utaratibu Wa Uhamisho Kwa Watumishi Wa Umma

Utaratibu Wa Uhamisho Kwa Watumishi Wa Umma TAMISEMI Yatangaza Ajira Mpya 20,000 Za Ualimu Na Afya 2023/2024

1. Transfer Authorities

According to the Public Service Law No. 8 of 2002 read with its Regulations with the 2003 Operating Procedures of the Transfer Authority for all employees of Public is the Secretary General of the Office of the President-Public Service Management and With the instructions of the Office of the President-Management of Public Service by letter Ref. C/CB.271/431/01/62 dated 8/06/2006 and Ref. C/CB.271/431/01/J/144 dated 27/08/2007 Transfer Authority in Transfer of employees in Government

Authorities of Locals are allocated to;

i. Secretary General, President’s Office – TAMISEMI to employees who are moving from One Council to another outside the Region;

ii. Regional Administrative Secretary for the transfer of officials from one Council to another others within the Region and;

iii. The director of the Council for the employees go from one center to another within the Council.

Types of Transfers

There are two types of Transfer, and they are;

i. Request Transfer

Procedures for Applying for Vacancies:-

i. The employee will have to request a transfer position by submitting his application transfer to the Director of the Council or Authority he wants to move to through his work supervisors in his work center where he is and Its director.

ii. The supervisors of the employee requesting the transfer will have to verify the request of the servant arrives at the relevant authority with their opinion about.

These requests are not blocking requests. If there is an underlying cause of to prevent requests for the employer to inform the employee by referring him back to the guidelines existing.

iii. If the Applicant is not satisfied with the opinion/reasons of the employer/Supervisor rejecting his application, the applicant will submit his application to the Administrative Secretary of the Region for advice and If not satisfied the application will be submitted to the Secretary General of the President’s Office TAMISEMI with important examples confirm that the application was rejected by the Director and explain his reasons to request the transfer.

iv. The Director/Supervisor who will be requested to relocate will have to respond to the employee through his Director in a letter explaining to him What was the reason for finding that position, including mentioning Check Numbers of interpreters who died or quit their jobs.

v. If a public servant requests a transfer for the reasons of following the husband or wife, preparing to retire after spending ten years outside the region he hopes for retire and stay in one facility for more than five years Considered to be covered for transfer costs even if he requests transfer himself.

v. The employee requesting transfer will have to submit his request to the Secretary General or Regional Administrative Secretary or Director attaching a letter that agreed to move to the center he wants to move to. Moreover it is important inform the applicant whether he will be paid for the transfer or not after getting a position.


It is not allowed for any Servant to use someone other than himself or his employer by mail or mobile to submit his application transfer. It is recommended to use the EMS or registry method for ease of tracking.

Availability of Answers:-

i. All applicants who requested a transfer will receive their response by mail through their employers and not otherwise.

ii. In addition, since this transfer is open to accepted employees or If the transfer is rejected, they will receive preliminary information through the TAMISEMI Official website of TAMISEMI ie www.tamisemi.go.tz in early July for applications which will be received from January to June and early January for applications will be received from July to December for our Office has planned to deal with transfer issues twice a year so to avoid the overlapping of duties in the work centers for the year.

ii. An employee who has a complaint about his transfer request he is advised to direct his request to the Authority that appointed him through his employer and supervisor attaching his original application and other important documents such as reasons for requesting transfer and evidence of deliver his letter to the Transfer Authority.

iv. Complaints of an employee who requested a transfer and did not receive an answer or was not satisfied and the answers given to his complaints will be dealt with within seven days without depending on the time of transfer i.e. June or December.

v. After the speaker gets the response/transfer letter he should report within fourteen days since he has been handed his letter of transfer otherwise will be considered a fugitive from work.

ii. Normal Transfer

This transfer is usually done by the Employer or the Supervisor transfer for performance improvement reasons.

However, in order for the transfer to take place, the Transfer Authorities are required to satisfy that there is an open position in the Council to which the employee is transferred does not cause a deficiency in the Part where the employee comes from or moves to.

This transfer is usually paid for by the receiving Council the servant and the one that allows him by paying him the costs of packing the goods like described in Rule L (8 and 13) of Permanent Public Service 2009 edition and its 2010 revision in time.

So it is important Transfer Authorities satisfied with the ability of the Council to pay the transfer to avoid generating debts to the Government

With the transfer procedure that is a transfer to be done twice year, this common transfer can be done at any time in efforts to save performance in the station where the employee is or to which he is transferred servant for the public good.


A servant who is found to have forged the signatures of officials, to ask for or receive bribes at any level will be taken severe disciplinary measures including to be brought before government agencies for action to be taken legally.

It is important for Employers to be satisfied with the responses to transfer letters from in the Transfer Authority to see if his application followed the procedures correct and the employees who got the answers are prepared in advance data sheet no records of service and salary to avoid inconvenience to employees and employers who receive interpreters.

Utaratibu Wa Uhamisho Kwa Watumishi Wa Umma

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