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Like men women are equally capable of contributing to the welfare of the society

Setting is an important element used by the authors to deliver the message in the society Figures Of Speech Are Used By Novelists To Title Of The Book Titles Of Books Usually Have A Close Relationship Explain how the behaviour of some characters affects the welfare of the majority in the society Analyze bad traits which should not be adopted in Tanzanian context By using Two Characters Analyse the source of conflicts in the two novels that you have studied The authors use conflicts to present different issues in their literary works Like men women are equally capable of contributing to the welfare of the society How the author of two novels you have read deliver their message effectively to the readers The choice of content in their novels

Like men women are equally capable of contributing to the welfare of the society

Like men, women are equally capable of contributing to the welfare of the society. Use relevant examples from two novels you have read to prove the statement.

Women occupy both positive and negative positions in different literary works. But women have proved to be very important personalities in African families as they are capable of contributing to the welfare of their families and societies at large. This statement can be verified by using “UNANSWERED CRIES” by O Conteh and “PASSED LIKE A SHADOW” by Benard Mapalala.

To start with UNANSWERED CRIES, Women have contributed to the welfare of their societies in the following ways.

Unanswered Cries By Osman Conteh English Books Analysis

Women have been portrayed as revolutionists. In this case we see Olabisi, Oyah and Dr. Asiatu standing firm to fight for the freedom of women and rights of the child of decision making.

They help Olabisi to win the case and being set free from female genital mutilation.

Women have also been portrayed as child bearers and caretakers. Makalay is the mother of Olabisi who is very strict in ensuring that Olabisi observes good family standards like avoiding boys until she gets married.

Also Oyah takes good care of Olabisi as her child although she is not her real biological mother.

Women are portrayed as agents for social change. We see Oyah, Olabisi and Asiatu standing firm as agents to bring about changes in this society particularly as far as FGM is concerned.

All other women are supporting FGM but these few stand firm against other women to bring about changes in the traditional society.


Women are also portrayed as courageous and risk takers. Olabisi is a case in point here. She shows that even women can be courageous enough when they want to achieve a particular cause.

This is shown by the way she manages to escape from her mother’s village and from the bondo camp to find her way to Freetown.

Turning to the novel PASSED LIKE A SHADOW, women have brought the following contribution to their society and families;

Passed Like A Shadow

Women are portrayed as parents and caretakers. Despite all her weaknesses, Amoti has a positive side. She manages to take a good care of her children even after family separation.

We are told that until they reach High school, Atwoki and Abooki have never engaged in sexual affairs. This is a good contribution to the society in general.

Women are portrayed as good advisors. Vicky advises Abooki not to go after money it will kill her. She uses her own experience to help Abooki take care of her life. Abooki also advised her brother Atwoki to be careful when he goes to Kampala.

She is deeply concerned with the welfare of her brother and makes sure that he does not mess up with his life.

Women are portrayed responsible people. Amoti takes all the family responsibilities while Adyeri is enjoying life with his concubines. She is the one nurturing children alone and protects them from their father’s hot temper something that endangers her own life as she is beaten.

Abooki also takes care of her sick mother while Atwoki is enjoying the city life with girls.


Women are portrayed as disciplined people. Abooki represents a class of women who are disciplined and focused on what they do. She is dressed and has determined to keep her reputation despite the moral corruption of the whole society.

Although she is fooled and drugged by John, she does not mess around with him instead she remains responsible to keep her secondary virginity. She sets a good example in the society for other girls to emulate.

Generally, it can be concluded that, like men women have proved to be one of the most important figures in the families. They are capable of contributing to the welfare of their societies. In more cases than one they have proved to be the hub in family upbringing and upkeep.


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